Playroom or bust

Get me out of this room! Yes, I'm stuck in a hospital room with a temperature that keeps climbing and blood counts that won't, but I'm feeling like I want to go play in the playroom. They keep telling me, "Sorry... not today. Not until your fever is gone for 24 hours."

I ended up here early afternoon on Friday, because I woke up with a fever (100.4, which is high for me), and after they drew my labs in the clinic, they found that my ANC was only 120. It was 400 on Monday, and my liver enzymes were elevated (this means my liver is not tolerating my medications well), so they held all of my chemo. My counts should have come up and my liver enzymes were supposed to go down (they did a little) when they cut out my chemo.

They gave me a dose of Rocephin in the clinic and Tylenol yesterday afternoon once I got into my room on A5S, and my fever went away for the evening. Overnight, though, it went up as high as 102.7. My labs this morning showed that my ANC was only 60, and the rest of my counts look pretty putrid, as well. They think I have some type of virus, and the doctors are seeing lots of kids here as a result of low counts (neutropenia) and fevers. Remember that a virus isn't something little for kids like me, and others here on the hem/onc floor. Because of our compromised immunity, it can be deadly.

As a result they started me on Zosyn today, but my fever persisted all day, even after doses of Tylenol. A throat culture this evening (this time for three of the most common viruses they are seeing) and more blood cultures were ordered, so that they can try to narrow down what is causing the fever. This now means I'm in isolation until the cultures come back negative. To make sure I'm completely covered, the doctors started me on Vancomycin, another antibiotic that I've taken before. Unfortunately this time, I had an allergic reaction called "Redman's" to it. My scalp and face started really itching, as well as my diaper area, and I couldn't take it! It came on so suddenly, but when they stopped the flow of the Vanc before my dose was completed, I instantaneously felt relief from the itching.

Atarax was given to me around 10:45, and they were planning to slow the flow of the remaining Vancomycin (instead of giving me the whole dose in an hour, they would spread it over two hours) to minimize my reaction to it. The reason I am not getting Benadryl for the allergic reaction is that I get hyperactive and kind of mean, rather than sleepy like most people. Mommy and Daddy found this out the hard way when I was given Benadryl before blood and platelet transfusions. Hopefully this Atarax will be better.

I am finally asleep right now. It's been a long couple of days, but I'm hanging in there. Please pray that my fever goes away and my counts rebound quickly! I want to go home... or at least to the playroom.