Outgrown my chemo

I had an OR procedure and treatment on Tuesday last week. I woke up from my lumbar puncture acting pretty drunk, and Mommy and Daddy were trying not to giggle at me and how heavy my head was. Overall, I did really well, and I let Daddy take my sticker off so that the nurse could de-access my Ariel (port). We got to stop at McDonald's for a shake on the way home (Mommy always gets me one after I have something yucky done to me), and after lunch, I had lots of energy (see the video below). You'll also notice the newest member of our family in the video. His name is Finn, and he's an 18-week old lab mix that we rescued from a shelter a couple of weeks ago. I think I like him (at least I say I do), but it's been an adjustment since he especially loves my toys, slippers, and panties.

By the end of last week, though, my mean medicine was taking effect BIG time. I just wanted to cuddle with Mommy (a problem when Mommy's working), I was quite fragile emotionally, I couldn't make any decisions about food or activities, and Mommy and Daddy had to actually give me some Seroquel to calm me down after the meltdown I had Thursday night. Once I was coherent, I told Mommy that I didn't want to take my chemo any more... that I wanted to give it to Kenlie. You see, Kenlie is my neighbor who will be two in June, and I give her clothes, shoes, and toys that I have outgrown.

Well, only eight more months of this... right?! Here's hoping it goes quickly...

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Ellen Mason said...

Too cute! I didn't know you were such an awesome dancer. I see a future on So You Think You Can Dance for you!