Ready for the Butterfly Walk

Lily and I are gearing up for our second Butterfly Walk this Saturday, and we've been counting down since last year's event. We now have 45 people on our team! The online registration has now closed, but if you want to come on Saturday, you can always register that morning. We will be at staging area A3, and Mommy wants to get us there around 9am so that we get a good parking spot and can give out t-shirts and bracelets to everyone as they arrive.

This year there is a satellite parking lot at the North Cincinnati Community Church, 6170 Irwin-Simpson Rd and 2 shuttle buses running from 6:30am-3pm that day. Once the Cottell Park
lot is full, you will be directed to the satellite lot to park, or you may still park on the streets in the neighborhood behind the park.

There is a short ceremony just before the start of the walk where they will honor the cancer survivors who are present that day (including ME!). The ceremony starts at 9:45, and the walk will start at 10:00.

The Junior Jog (11:30am) is new this year, and this is what the Butterfly Walk website says about it:

Kids will have a blast competing with their age group for this ¼ mile run on
the paved path around the pond at Cottell Park. This event is open to all
registered walkers age 12 and under and is included with the Butterfly Walk
registration. After the one mile Butterfly Walk is complete, participants will
have enough time to play a little, and rehydrate. But, don’t be late to the
starting line! The first 250 runners will receive a ribbon just for participating.
Please sign up in advance at: http://www.butterflywalk.com/id46.html.

If you cannot make the walk and still want to support the team, please consider making a donation at http://www.active.com/donate/2010Butterflywalk/2010beccasbelievers . Every $50 gets us one hour closer to a cure!


Outgrown my chemo

I had an OR procedure and treatment on Tuesday last week. I woke up from my lumbar puncture acting pretty drunk, and Mommy and Daddy were trying not to giggle at me and how heavy my head was. Overall, I did really well, and I let Daddy take my sticker off so that the nurse could de-access my Ariel (port). We got to stop at McDonald's for a shake on the way home (Mommy always gets me one after I have something yucky done to me), and after lunch, I had lots of energy (see the video below). You'll also notice the newest member of our family in the video. His name is Finn, and he's an 18-week old lab mix that we rescued from a shelter a couple of weeks ago. I think I like him (at least I say I do), but it's been an adjustment since he especially loves my toys, slippers, and panties.

By the end of last week, though, my mean medicine was taking effect BIG time. I just wanted to cuddle with Mommy (a problem when Mommy's working), I was quite fragile emotionally, I couldn't make any decisions about food or activities, and Mommy and Daddy had to actually give me some Seroquel to calm me down after the meltdown I had Thursday night. Once I was coherent, I told Mommy that I didn't want to take my chemo any more... that I wanted to give it to Kenlie. You see, Kenlie is my neighbor who will be two in June, and I give her clothes, shoes, and toys that I have outgrown.

Well, only eight more months of this... right?! Here's hoping it goes quickly...