Stairclimb Challenge coming soon

Check out my second cousin Sean:

He's the one in the white helmet, and his team has already collected over $4800 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! Wouldn't it be so cool if a cure could be found soon?

Go Sean and the rest of the stairclimb team... I'm proud of you!


Brave Becca

I got to go to Lily's friend Advika's birthday party at Run, Jump, and Play!

Giggly girls on the couch

Silly face

I am getting really good at polishing my own nails (LOOK at all my hair!!!)

"I was brave!" That was my mantra today. I got chemo this morning at the Liberty campus, and Mommy and Daddy kept telling me how brave I was. I tend to believe them, because I barely cried at all when they stuck the needle in my port, and Mommy only had to hold one of my arms. Usually, she needs to hold my head up and both arms down. Daddy thought it was a little disturbing that I'm getting used to getting poked in the chest, but I just think I'm brave.

I'm doing great right now, although I do have a little cold. No fever, though, and considering all that's been going around, I've been really lucky! I also have a funky rash on my heels and on the backs of my legs, but I'm supposed to see a dermatologist tomorrow morning. Dr. Absalon told us that the Methotrexate can cause all kinds of goofy skin stuff, so I guess that's what is causing it. We'll find out tomorrow if there isn't too much snow.

I've recently "graduated" from my physical therapy. Miss Tracie was so pleased with my progress that she doesn't need to see me anymore. I'm a little bummed, since I really enjoy playing with her. She has really fun equipment and toys; it's like open gym once a week. Miss Tracie gave us some take home exercises, and we will check in every three months or so to make sure I'm not losing any strength or muscle control from the Vincristine.

Tomorrow morning (after the dermatologist), Lily and I are scheduled to start ballet classes, and I can't wait! We will be in the same class, so it should be lots of fun.

Anyway, I only have ten more port accesses if all goes as planned! Have I mentioned that December 17 is my last day of treatment?! Mommy is counting down, but she just found out that I will still need to get labs drawn and go to the clinic once a month for a year and a half after my treatment is complete. She told Daddy that it felt like she was kicked in the stomach when she heard that. I would think it is painful to get kicked in the stomach, so she must be hurting.

Hope all is well with everyone. Sorry we haven't updated the blog very often, but luckily there's not much to report. Let's keep it that way...

Daddy says Mommy is overdoing the Abba thing, so this will probably be the last serenade you get from Mamma Mia. Enjoy!