Quick update and short video

I was wrong... they didn't boost the dosage of my chemo as a result of my counts being too high. My ANC and platelets are within the desired range, so Dr. Absalon is going to keep my dosage steady. Though my clinic visit yesterday was the quickest yet, Mommy's wondering if it is ever going to feel okay to hold me down while the nurse shoves a really big needle in my chest. I know it's not okay for me...

I'm making fabulous progress with physical therapy! Miss Tracie was really happy with me tonight, and she couldn't stop talking about how much better I jumped tonight than I had in the past couple of visits. I worked so hard for about an hour straight that I nearly fell asleep in the car on the way home, and I told Mommy to be quiet so that I could sleep. It could be my "nice" medicine that's making me worn out, too.

My next clinic visit is Febrary 8, so please pray that I can stay healthy until then.

In the meantime, enjoy this quick video of me riding the teacups at the Magic Kingdom:


The Katich Family said...

HI, I was just posting on my daughter's blog and decided to click the "next blog" link and happened upon yours. My daughter also has ALL but she was seventeen when she was diagnosed. Our stories are strickingly similiar on the faces are different. I love how you tell Becca's story in first person and am so glad she is doing well. What a cutie she is. You have done a great job telling her amazing story! Best of luck to you and your family. Warmly, Leslie

becca.blog said...

Hi Leslie,
Wow... I started reading Kristin's blog Saturday morning (with lots of tears in my eyes), and you are right! What a strong, beautiful, and talented daughter you have. I loved her essay. It was written well (I am a former language arts teacher), and it brought up all kinds of emotions for me since Becca hasn't been able to voice many of the things that Kristin mentioned. Your family has sure had its challenges over the past couple of years, some similar and some very different than ours, but I'm so glad that Kristin's treatment is coming to an end soon. I will continue to follow her "story" through your wonderful blog. Don't you love the Internet?! Take care,