No more mean medicine!

Lily and I had fun riding Papa's new ATV on Sunday. Mommy and Daddy are in trouble, because I feel the need for speed!

The best part of the weekend was jumping in the leaf pile at Nana & Papa's house.

I'm so excited! Daddy says he's going to try to get "nice medicine" for me next month. I've been so nasty on my "mean medicine" (steroids) that Mommy, Daddy, and Lily have had it. Even after I stopped taking the mean meds this week, I kept hitting Lily, pulling her hair, and screaming at everyone. I explained to Mommy and Daddy that I'm on my mean medicine (and of course that's why I shouldn't be punished), but that's when Daddy mentioned to me that he was going to try to get some nice medicine from the doctors next month. Such a smart daddy!
I sure hope it tastes better. Maybe it won't make me eat so many fish sticks either. Mommy bought a bag of 115 Gorton's fish sticks at the beginning of last week, and I think there are only five left right now. Oh yeah... I'm the only one in the house who eats them. Needless to say, I'm a little rounder today than I was a week ago, as I've probably gained about three or four pounds.

I'll let you know how that "nice medicine" works out in early December...


13 more!

Still my favorite ride at Kings Island!

My pumpkin looked fabulous.

This was from my clinic visit at the beginning of October. As you can tell, I really like my letter!

The wig's cute, but it didn't last long at all...


I didn't want to sit still for pics on Halloween, but Mommy managed to snap this one.

And this one... But why would I want to cover up my beautiful hair with a wig?

We got to go back to Shaw Pumpkin Farm this year. I sure missed it last fall.

Me and my llama.

I had my clinic visit at the Liberty Campus yesterday, and though it really stinks to have my port accessed, Nurse Pam was awesome! She suggested that they wait to put the needle in until they had the chemo ready; that way, they wouldn't have to tape the needle down and remove all of the tape when they were finished. It worked out pretty well. I screamed for the five minutes that Mommy and the nurse held me down and injected my chemo, and I hit Mommy twice after they removed the needle, but I recovered within two minutes. Everyone told me how brave I was, and I agreed. I then repeated that I was brave and turned to Mommy and asked, "What's brave mean?"

By the way, I'm doing great right now! I'm feeling good, I've been full of energy, and (knock on wood, but...) I haven't been sick. Lily had the H1N1, but I somehow avoided it. I've also gained a little weight, gotten a bit taller, my hair has grown a TON (it's actually pretty crazy hair now), and I'm getting stronger each day. I love going to physical therapy every other week with Miss Tracie, and Mommy and Daddy are seeing improvements in the strength on my left side.

I'm including some of my latest pics. It was great to be out of the hospital for Halloween this year, and I loved trick-or-treating. It's hard to believe that it has been just over a year since I was diagnosed. In some ways, I feel like it was just yesterday, and in other ways, it seems like this has been all I've known for so long. Here's hoping that the next thirteen months fly by...
Oh, and if you haven't checked out my videos from the last post, do it! You'll really enjoy them, but you won't be able to get "Dancing Queen" out of your mind.