Quick Update

I painted my face at Totter's Otterville during Lily's birthday party.

Daddy and I rode the trolley together, while Lily rode with her friends.

I made a crib for myself in the family room.

Cheese... look at all of my hair!

Lily tried to teach me how to shake my pom poms...

The swiper ride... my absolute favorite at Kings Island!

Too much shaking of the pom poms!

Well, I didn't get kicked out of Goddard, but I'm not going there any longer. Daddy and Mommy were getting freaked out about me being in a daycare setting with H1N1 and lots of other bugs that could prove deadly for me floating around. They were also tired of packing Lily and me up each morning with breakfasts and lunches (no peanut butter, either!) and rushing to get us to school so that Mommy could be on-time for work. They have hired a new nanny to care for Lily and me, but Lily will continue to go to Kindergarten in the afternoons, taking the bus from our house and home again.

It took me a little while, but I actually had fun going to school. I made lots of friends at Goddard, and I've already had my first (and second, and third...) kiss(es). Miss Stephanie told Mommy that I had kissed Ethan ("my boy," as I call him) from my class at Goddard, and Mommy asked me why I had kissed him. I told her, "Because I wanted to." He is really cute; blond spiky hair like mine, big brown eyes, and the class clown... They say you fall for guys like your daddy, but it's kind of ridiculous that my first "boy" even has the same name as my daddy!

Let's see... what fun things have we been doing? Since I last wrote to you, we have celebrated Lily's birthday (see a couple of pics above), started school (Lily's in kindergarten), finished swim lessons, rode rides at Coney Island, visited Kings Island, played games at Dave and Busters, gone to Boo Fest with Nanna B. and Poppa, and a few other things. In essence, I'm getting back to being a typical toddler.

I now just have to take chemo (Mercaptopurine - orally) each night, Methotrexate (another chemo orally) once a week, steroids for five days every 28 days, and we visit the Liberty Township clinic once a month for chemo (Vincristine) that I get through my port. I really don't like it when they access my port... it's pretty painful to have that big needle sticking into my chest. But, once they do what they need to, they de-access the port, and then I can swim, bathe, and not worry about anything dangling from my chest. I love having this new Ariel! Other than the things I mentioned above, every third month, instead of going to the Liberty Campus, I have to go to the main campus of Childrens to have a lumbar puncture with intrathecal methotrexate as well getting my Vincristine (I had this done on September 15).

I'll be starting physical therapy at the Mason Campus on October 27th, and I'll go every other week. I was evaluated after my limping this summer, and they determined that I indeed am delayed in my gross motor development. I guess that's to be expected when you lay around for a long time in the hospital, and continually get chemo that causes leg pain and weakening of muscles...

The good news... Mommy just counted, and I will only have fifteen more months of treatment! While that sounds like a long time, and I was just diagnosed a year ago (on October 19th), the time is going really fast now that I'm in maintenance. December 17, 2010, is my end date for treatment, so please pray that I can make it there without incident or recurrence.

Sorry it's taken me so long to update you, but trying to get Mommy to write these days is difficult! Since I can't type on my own yet, I'm pretty much reliant upon her. I'll attempt to get her to update you more frequently, but you can tell I'm doing better when she is NOT writing as much.

Love to you all, and thank you for your continuing prayers for me and my family. I hope you stay healthy and are able to enjoy the fun fall activities and change in weather... I know I plan to!

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