Only 14 more!

I had chemo on Monday morning, and they're getting a little quicker at the Liberty campus of Children's. We got there at 8:30, and we were heading home by 11:00 - not too bad compared to the clinic at the main campus. It's also a little closer, and parking is a breeze.

I must say that I am definitely not a fan of my new port while it is being accessed and de-accessed. I know I said how much easier it is, how much I love swimming and taking baths, how grateful I am that I don't have dressing changes once a month... blah, blah, blah (my newest favorite phrase). I realize I said all of that, but getting a big L-shaped needle shoved into my port (which is under my skin right below my left nipple) is no picnic. Even with the emla cream, which is supposed to numb my skin, it really hurts! It was also uncomfortable for me overnight on Sunday, because after accessing my port with the big yellow needle and taping the needle and tube down with Tegaderm HP and Hypafix tape, it stuck out from my chest and made it difficult for me to sleep. Then, after they gave me my chemo on Monday, they removed the Tegaderm, tape, and needle while Mommy had to hold me. Needless to say, I loudly voiced my displeasure and discomfort.

Have I mentioned lately how much cancer sucks?! I overheard Mommy on the weekend talking to her friend Meg. Apparently, her older sister Mary Beth (50) was just last week diagnosed with ALL, like me. Please join me in saying some extra prayers for her so that she can be strong and continue to fight just like I am doing! She is starting her induction phase, so she'll be getting chemo and steroids (which I know is very rough). Hang in there, Mary Beth - you can do it!

The good news? Well, my counts are fabulous right now, which means my body is doing what it needs to. Unfortunately, the doctors want them to stay within a certain range, not having them go too high or too low. So... as a result of my high counts, they are increasing my dose of Methotrexate to six pills (over the last few weeks I took five once a week, and the month before I only took four once a week) so that my counts go down more. I hope they don't drop too much. There are way too many bugs going around, and if my immune system bottoms out, I might catch something and land myself in the hospital.

Please pray for my counts to stay within the desired range, the bugs and specifically swine flu to stay away, the health of all the kids and families on A5S at Children's, and Mary Beth. Love to you all!

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