Butterfly Walk Info

We currently have 43 members walking for my team (Becca's Believers) on Saturday morning at the Butterfly Walk! Our family is amazed and so very thankful for the support you have all given to me and CancerFree Kids. Individual and family donations, team member registrations, a bake sale by Mrs. Geiger's and Mrs. Lawrence's classes at LES, and an LMS "Pie in the Eye" fundraiser have totaled more than $3800 for our team alone!!! Think of all of the cancer research that will occur as a result...

It's not too late to be a part of this awesome event! You can still donate online (visit http://www.active.com/donate/2009Butterflywalk/beccasbelievers for details), become a virtual walker (go to http://www.active.com/donate/2009Butterflywalk/beccasbelievers, click on "Register for this Event," and register as a virtual walker) or via mail (http://butterflywalk.com/_wsn/page10.html ). If you would like to join our team in walking, you can register Saturday, but plan on getting to the park around 9am.

Directions to Cottell Park, Mason, OH (Deerfield Township)
Route 71N, exit 19 (Mason Montgomery Road NORTH). 1 Mile turn left onto Deerfield Boulevard. Deerfield Blvd becomes Irwin-Simpson Road. Cottell Park, 5847 Irwin-Simpson Road is on the left 0.7 miles from Mason-Montgomery Road.

Our team will meet at 9:30 at staging area D, where you will get your t-shirts and bracelets from Mommy and Daddy. Thank you, Mrs. Hundley, for picking them up tonight! We don't really have a team color, but Lily and I are decorating our wagon with pink and purple, and we plan on wearing lots of butterflies. You're welcome to wear whatever you want and feel comfortable wearing. If you would like to, you can decorate a wagon/stroller/wheelchair for anyone on the team that might struggle more with walking.

I get chemo tomorrow morning, and I'm hoping that I will tolerate it well. I've typically done well with the Vincristine and Methotrexate (both given intravenously). We'll find out what my counts are in the morning, and we're hoping for good ones. My hair is growing back a little (yeah!), but bald is (still) beautiful. :o)

Lily and I have been counting down the days until Saturday, and as soon as I see a butterfly (anywhere), I get a big smile on my face and say, "It's the Butterfly Walk, Mommy!" Hope to see you at the walk. Go, Becca's Believers, Go!

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