Being a toddler

Kalee and me playing in the water

We covered my Ariel (central line) with a big sticker, so that I could play in the water a little

Best buddies - Katelyn and Lily

Twinkle toes


My big cousin Mason loves the feel of my head, too

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I've been SUPER busy! Mommy says I must be feeling terrific, because I'm really acting like a toddler (running around, hiding when it's time for a diaper change, not wanting to share, hitting other kids and adults, and throwing tantrums). My counts were excellent on Monday (ANC of 3610, platelets of 360K, and HGB of 11.2), so I was good to go for my chemo on Tuesday. They gave me the biggest dose I've received so far of IV Methotrexate as well as my dose of Vincristine, and we're hoping I can handle it well.

Good news... my hair is growing back! It's amazing how fast it is growing, and everyone keeps commenting on how cute I look. Mommy's missing rubbing my bald head a little, but the fuzz that is growing back is pretty soft, too. The fact that I'm not bald anymore is surely not stopping Mommy from petting my melon. I’ve been telling Mommy and Daddy that I want "pink ponies" in my hair when it grows back.

On another note, Lily and I have made some new friends lately. Holly, our new babysitter, eased into watching us last week, and the transition has gone very smoothly. She won Lily over when she brought her kit of nail polishes and we played "nail salon." It didn't even take that much for me... I fell in love with her when she pushed me in my backyard swing. We've also been enjoying spending time with our new neighbors who moved in last November. Kalee (10) and Katelyn (8) play with us almost every single night. Lily almost stalks Katelyn as she gets off the bus in the afternoon, because she can't wait to play. Kalee is my buddy, and Mommy's counting the days until Kalee is old enough to babysit me. We all went to Kings Island together last Friday night and had so much fun! Lily's favorite ride was the old Beastie (Mommy can't remember what it's really called now), and mine was the carousel (the little one). I rode it at least seven times! Katelyn and Lily even rode the Little Bill roller coaster by themselves... what daredevils.

Let’s see… other happenings:

The Butterfly Walk on May 9th was so much fun! I couldn’t believe all of the wonderful people who showed up to support me and other kids with childhood cancer. We had more than 50 people on my team (Becca’s Believers) and collected over $4,400 for pediatric cancer research. Thank you, again, to those of you who attended or supported us! I’d like to especially thank Mrs. Kelly Hundley for telling Mommy about the walk, getting all of the t-shirts, raffle tickets, and bracelets together for the team, and arranging for the third grade students at LES to adopt two trees for me (they made beautiful butterflies that were strung around two different trees in the park). She is so fabulous! We plan to participate in next year’s walk, too, so please put May 8, 2010, on your calendar.

Daddy’s work (Ivy Hills Country Club) held a benefit for me last Saturday night, and Lily and I had a blast! Lots of people golfed (getting stuck in two monsoons), and then there was a dinner with a split-the-pot, an auction, and a raffle. There was even a guy playing the guitar (who, by the way, was nice enough to donate his fees back to us), so we had live music to dance to during the event. I am so amazed at the generosity of the staff and members at Daddy’s work, and I am touched by how special and loved they made me (and the rest of my family) feel. Mr. Dan Gates (the GM at Daddy’s work) deserves a ton of recognition for heading up the entire event. Not only was he the emcee of the night, but he also presented Lily and me with flashing rings and took us around the course to see Daddy on a really fun golf cart ride.

Oh, one more thing… I’m working on potty training again. I was nearly there when I was diagnosed in October, but being in the hospital, feeling terrible, and moving an IV pole back and forth to the bathroom isn’t the easiest thing to do. Now that I’m almost in the maintenance phase, and summer’s pretty much here, we’re working on it again. I like getting “M’s” or marshmallows for going on the potty, and Lily enjoys the spoils of “helping,” too. I can't wait to be a big girl. Wish Mommy good luck in taking on my potty training this weekend!

Other than that, we’ve been just enjoying the wonderful weather. I hope you have been, too! Love to you all, and again, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. With that said, I’m going to get back to playing…

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