Turned the corner

I absolutely LOVE this pop-up ball game that I got from the nice ladies in the playroom! I squeal with delight as I play with it.

Daddy and I prowled the hallways a couple of nights ago with my new foamy rocket gun.

I didn't like wearing the oxygen cannula in my nose. I much preferred using it as a headband.

Okay, so everyone's saying that I've "turned the corner." I don't know what it means, but I think it's good. They smile when they say it, and I'm feeling tons better each day.

My belly has gone back down to its 2T size again, and my weight has returned to my admission weight of 13.4 kg (29.48 lbs.), down from 16.2 kg (35.64 lbs.) on April 3. I'm so glad! I really thought my tummy was going to explode last Friday (since that was where all the weight was), and that would have been kinda messy.

My counts are continuing to improve each day. My platelets and hemoglobin are sticking around, and I haven't had a transfusion since Sunday or Monday.

Here are today's numbers:

Hemoglobin - 11.7 (normal is 11.5-13.5, but they don't transfuse me until I'm below 8.0)
Platelets - 25K (normal is 135K-466K, and they will transfuse me if I go below 10K or am
actively bleeding; these actually went up a couple of thousand on their own today!)
ANC - 420 (up from yesterday's 210, but it's supposed to be low right now due to the delayed
effects of the chemo I have received this month)

Other good news... I don't have a tail anymore! Translation: I'm not hooked to an IV pole 24/7, since they're not keeping me on fluids, pain medication, or anything else right now. I'm still receiving an antibiotic through my central line, but it usually goes in when I'm sleeping, so I don't even notice it. In addition, I'm not required to be on the monitors at night (or during the day) anymore. Mommy doesn't have to jump and run over each time my heart rate or respiration goes a little too high, or my pulseox goes a little too low.

I also have acquired a new bike that has a big handle on the back for Mommy to use so that she can push me around. I look pretty adorable in my kitty cat mask, pretty nightgown, and my pink slippers on my primary-colored bike carrying Dora with bunny ears on the back. I'm getting quite good at ringing the bell when I pass people in the lobby.

I've been playing in the playroom more and more the past few days, and I have made lots of new friends there. Little Ava is a 15-month old baby who has AML; I've been working on being polite and sharing with her. Speaking of which, I don't want to be polite. That's what I keep telling Mommy and Daddy when we go out in public. When people smile at me and say "Hi," I get really embarrassed and hide my face or squeal/growl/scream at them. Daddy told me that this is not "polite," and that I should at least smile if I don't want to talk. Well, we had a fight about me not wanting to smile or be polite to anyone the other day... yes, it was a kicking and screaming fight (I did the kicking and screaming, not Daddy). I've also met Felicia, a little 18-month old girl who is bald like me. Jonathan, Nathan, and Critter are some of the boys I've met, but I don't really want to play with them too much (they ARE boys, afterall). All of these kids and their families sure need prayers. They are battling so many health problems, let alone emotional and financial issues that go along with them. Some of them are from faraway places, too, so they have to be away from their families, quit their jobs, and make many other sacrifices to get the care that we are lucky enough to have at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. When you're praying for me, please keep all of the other kids here in your thoughts, too.

Anyway, the bottom line is that we don't know when we'll be able to go home. Originally, the doctors said we would be here a couple of weeks, then we heard that it would be more like a month. I'm mending quite quickly, though. Mommy and Daddy are a little worried that now that I'm going to the playroom and out on walks more often with my ANC so low that I'll pick up a virus, which would keep us here even longer. Just try to keep me in my room, though...


Matt, Michelle, Connor, Megan and Cole said...

Yeah Becca!! So glad to hear that you've turned that corner. Even if you're not sure what it means, we know it is good!! :)

LaDonna said...

Way to go Becca! I'm so glad you are feeling better!!

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful gift for an Easter Morning to open your Blog and see that you're feeling so much better.

Keep up the good progress and give our love to Lily and your Mom & Dad.

Love Always,

(Great)Uncle Pete & arpi

Anonymous said...

I just love how Becca's blog is written from her perspective. It always brings a smile to my face. Leah and I stopped in to LES today and looked for you but you must have been out. Hope you all had a Happy Easter. We will see you on the 22nd if you're still there. Hopefully not!

Ellen and Leah