Living it up

I've had so much fun since I've been home! Though my ANC has been slow in coming up, my platelets and hemoglobin are doing well, and I'm feeling great. I've been playing outside on all of the nice days, and my appetite is picking up.

I spent this weekend with my favorite people. Saturday, we played at Nana and Papa's house and celebrated Mommy's birthday, and today we went to Nanna B. and Poppa's house (with Daddy!!!) to have brunch for Mommy's and Avery's birthdays. Daddy, Mommy, Lily, and I then went to see Sesame Street Live - When Elmo Grows Up at NKU (thanks to Aunt Renee). It was a blast! I really wanted to hug and kiss Elmo, but unfortunately, he didn't make it up to our seats. My favorite song of the night was "The Itsy, Bitsy Spider." Lily made the comment that we were a family again and that she loved us all walking together as a family. I saw Mommy and Daddy nodding their heads, and I agreed with her, too.

I was supposed to have an ultrasound on Friday (just to double-check that my liver is working correctly again), but I wouldn't hold still or be quiet, so Daddy and I left without the ultrasound.
We're scheduled to go in to Children's on Tuesday to begin my next round of chemo. This will be Interim Maintenance #2, and as long as my ANC is 1,000 and my platelets are 100,000, I'll get Vincristine and Methotrexate via my central line, as well as an intrathecal dose of Methotrexate on Tuesday. I'll go to the clinic every ten days for chemo and a physical exam, but I'm hoping that my hair will continue to grow back and that I tolerate it as well as I did the last time.

I'm tired after such a busy weekend, so I'll give you more details soon! Love to you all...


LaDonna said...

Sounds like a well deserved, WONDERFUL weekend! I'm glad you had such a great time.

Renee and Jon said...

What a wonderful, long overdue family gathering with your entire family! Loved seeing Becca - she looks awesome and Lily you could tell was so happy to have all of you together again.

Jodi Allen said...

I am Jodi Allen, wife of Chris Allen from Ivy Hills. I checked out Becca's blog based on the thank you note you wrote Chris. I read the whole thing. It's so awesome. I wish nothing but good things for Becca and for your whole family!! I work on Pampers and especially loved the picture of Becca in her Pampers. If there's anything more we can do to help please let us know. You might want to become a fan of Pampers on Facebook. We just started the Pampers Facebook page up and want to use it to connect parents together.