Unplanned days at Children's

It's amazing how fast chemo can drop my counts!

On Thursday, they drew some blood before my MRI, and my ANC was in the upper 2000s, my hemoglobin was at 9, and my platelets and white blood cells were starting to fall, as well. On Friday at the clinic, they said that I'd probably need blood early next week, but that I had the "MRI of a normal, healthy, developing brain." Whew!

This morning (which seems like FOREVER ago), I woke up puking at 5am. I didn't act too upset, but Mommy and Daddy were concerned because there was fresh blood in the vomit. Daddy called the hospital, and the hem/onc doctor on-call said that we could either go to the ER at that point (and not be able to see anyone from hem/onc for a few hours), or hang out at home for a few hours and go the clinic to see someone from hem/onc. Needless to say, Daddy and I rested on the couch for a few hours. Nurse Lori came to take my blood at 11, and when she weighed me, the scale showed I was only 12.2 kg (which is the lowest I've been since early October). She thought I had a minor nosebleed in the middle of the night (perhaps due to the chemo or dehydration), but when I swallowed the blood, it caused nausea, which made me vomit. She told us to hang tight, so Daddy put me down for a nap. A few minutes after she left (and had called the hospital to talk to the doctor), she told us to get down to the hospital as soon as possible.

We got a room in the day hospital, and we found out that my platelets were down at 4,000 (that's REALLY low, since they are usually in the 100s of thousands), my hemoglobin was at 7.7 (they usually transfuse at 8), and my ANC was at 980 (not too bad). I got platelets first, then they started my blood transfusion right before Mommy arrived, and my color came back pretty quickly. I also wanted to eat and drink a little, which was a nice change.

We got into our room on A5S around 8:15, and we ran into Leah's mommy on the way. She visited for a few minutes, and she giggled at me when I told her how my tummy was saying "growl, growl." For those of you that don't know, Leah is a fourth grader from Mommy's school who was diagnosed with AML in mid-January. Though I've never talked to her, I hear that she is such a brave, funny, beautiful, and smart big girl (I'm pretty small, compared to her)! By the way, she's having her appendix removed on Wednesday, so we need to pray that all goes well with her surgery so that she can go home for Easter. :o)

Anyway, after more doctors and nurses listening to my heart and squeezing my arm to death (yes, the blood pressure cuff even left a bruise tonight!), I finally got to sleep around 9:45. Man, it's been a long day! I sure hope my counts are up tomorrow and I'm feeling better, because I'd like to go home...

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Jenny Rupe said...

Sorry to hear you ended up in the hospital after all. I hope those counts go back up quickly so you can get back home! I met your sister, Lily, yesterday when she was at work with your Mommy! What a cutie! Hope you are feeling better soon!