Still at Children's

I don't know what's going on with my body, but I still feel bad. When anyone asks me, that's what I tell them, too! Mommy and Daddy thought I was going to get to go home today, but my ANC was down to 80 this morning. I didn't think it could go that low!

The bottom line is that my counts need to be going up (not DOWN) in order for them to release me. The doctors seem to think that I have a virus, but the steroids are masking the major symptoms. I haven't had a fever, and I don't have a runny nose. I still feel horrible, I'm very lethargic, and I have been spending my time in the hospital watching Dora (over and over) while lying in bed or rocking on Mommy's lap. I won't let her watch anything else... not even a different kids' show.

When I have told Mommy or Daddy that I have pain or I'm really irritable, they have given me Oxycodone (for the pain) or Clonidine (for the irritability). Right after the dose, I have a little 20-minute spurt of energy and niceness when I talk like I'm drunk and giggly and want to play, but then I get kind of tired or grumpy again.

We are going to be here until at least tomorrow evening. They drew some more labs today... one set to determine my IGG level to see if I need some more IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin), and the other to look for viruses. They also swabbed my nose (a VERY unpleasant experience) to check for viruses. Looks like we'll be hanging out here for a little longer.

Please pray that I start feeling better soon and that I can fight off whatever is bringing me down. Also, pray for patience for Mommy (since I'm sure she'll have to endure much more Dora tomorrow). Love to you all...

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Great Uncle Jon said...


Sorry to hear that you are feeling so lousy. Great Nanna told me you were at the hospital. I can't wait till you are back home. We're thinking of you, Lily and your Mom and Dad.

Love, Great Uncle Jon