Home sweet home

After my ANC dropped to 60 yesterday, I figured I would be in the hospital this weekend, but that wasn't the case! It went up to 100 today, they pulled me off the Zosyn (maybe my diarrhea will stop now) and my fluids, and they told me that as long as I started drinking a lot, I could go home. I was all about that!

While I'm certainly not complaining about going home, I'm still wondering what happened this week. We never did get any positive results back for viruses, respiratory infections, or bacterial infections. The doctors think it must've been some type of virus whose symptoms were masked by the steroids. Well, at least the next time the symptoms will show, because I'm all finished with 'roids! Yeehaaaa!

Thanks for continuing to pray for me. My ANC needs to be at 1000 next Friday (the 13th - ack!), and my platelets need to be at 100,000, so that I can get my next chemo. This will be the day that I have a lumbar puncture with Methotrexate, as well as Ara-C and Thioguanine and an overnight stay. Even with the hospital stay this week, I'm still on schedule!

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