Home again, home again

Let me tell you... last week was a long week! Daddy was with me most of the week, and I wasn't able to see Mommy because she had a yucky stomach virus that she didn't want to give to me. My ANC finally went up to 480 on Friday, and I didn't have a fever at the end of the week, so they told us that we might get to go home on Saturday.

When Mommy came in to stay with me Friday night, she kept looking at me in a funny way. I overheard her telling the nurse that I wasn't speaking correctly... that I was "slurring my words" and that my speech sounded "delayed." She asked if I was on Oxycodone, and the nurse told her that I hadn't had any of it since the night before. Mommy told her that she was "very concerned."

During rounds the next morning (Saturday), the doctors told us that we could go home, even though my ANC was down in the 200s. They were going to pull the antibiotics and fluids and see how I did for a few hours. After discussing my slurred and delayed speech with the doctors, Mommy asked what could be causing it. Dr. Burns said that sometimes the medications can cause strokes. Mommy jumped at hearing this, and the doctors called for a CT scan to be done as soon as possible.

I found out that I wouldn't have to be "NPO" (without food or drink) or drink the contrast dye for this one, since it would just be of my head, so that was a relief. When we got down to the radiology department, I remembered it and started crying. The last time I was there, they stuck me five times to get an IV for the contrast, and then they ended up tubing me anyway. Fortunately for me this time, Daddy and Mommy were able to coax me into lying on the bed with Mommy, keeping my head still for two minutes so that they could take pictures of my head. Daddy promised to buy me toys and Mommy promised me makeup, and with Mommy right next to me (we could see the top of her head in some of the pics!), I managed to do what needed to be done.

The scans all came back negative, but Mommy and Daddy still had concerns. They asked the resident if we could get a neuropsychology consult when we come to the clinic on Tuesday. We ended up going home around 4pm, and I was so comfy and tired that I fell asleep during the drive home. Since then, I've had more energy and gotten much more sleep (!), but I'm not speaking very much. Mommy and Daddy keep trying to get me to talk, and I notice them staring at my mouth frequently as I try to communicate, but they are still convinced that something is wrong.

Maybe Dr. Absalon will have some insight tomorrow... I'm just happy to be home! I sure missed my house, my sister Lily, my own bed, and my basement.

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Ellen Mason said...

Glad you're back home Becca! We're also happy to hear that the CT scan was negative. No more fevers! Enjoy your time home.

Ellen and Leah