A little break

Lily and I are matching jammie girls

I kept saying, "It's snowing!" while throwing snow up in the air. This was one of our four snow days last week. We liked having Mommy home with us!

Self-portraits with Mommy on SuperBowl Sunday

Another snow day pic, obviously taken before I wiped my cold, snow-covered mittens on my face and wanted to go in immediately

I love my Bengals wear, even though I know they didn't even come close to being in the SuperBowl

Good news came yesterday! Mommy got a call from Mary, our care coordinator, who told her that my counts are what the doctor expected. Though my ANC is borderline (550), my platelets, white blood cell count, and hemoglobin are doing fine. Because of this, I found out that I have a break from the clinic this week and most of next week. Mommy couldn't believe it!

As long as I don't get a fever, cold, or anything else resembling a bug, and my counts are decent next Wednesday, I will start the delayed intensification phase next Friday (the 13th... ack!). It's likely that I won't be going too many places with lots of people in the next week and a half, just to make sure that I don't catch anything. Please don't take it personally, I'm really not trying to be antisocial... I just want to move forward.

I thought you'd get at kick out of some of my latest pics and a video, too. I hope you like them. Please continue to pray for me! Your positive thoughts and prayers have helped me so much already, and I'm getting ready to face what Mommy and Daddy think will be a really rough couple of months. Love to all of you...

You can tell that Lily's dance classes are paying off (for both of us)... she seems to need a longer leotard, though.


LaDonna said...

How cute! Great dancing!!

Emily said...

Becca, I love hearing you giggle in that video! Lily's got some great moves, doesn't she? It must have been great to have your Mommy home so you could all play in the snow together. Love you to you all.

Allie said...

haha this is very cute! I can't wait to see you on the 13th, Becca! Stay healthy.