Quick update and a few pics

Clippety clop shoes were the first "toy" that I wanted to play with when I got home
Lily and I by our beautiful Christmas tree

Playing too hard

Couch sliding

Bella Dancerella

Giggling with my Daddy

Antler girls

Lily's telling me that when she gets her own convertible, it'll be pink

I got my central line (yay... everyone keeps saying how nice it will be!) Wednesday after our morning clinic visit, during which they checked me out and gave me chemotherapy. The chemo (Methotrexate and Vincristine) went in through my PICC line, and I will now have to go to the clinic every ten days for chemo. This phase of my treatment will last for 56 days. I've had the two types of chemo before, and unfortunately, Vincristine is the one that makes me lose my hair and have leg pain.

Please pray that I have the strength during the holidays to deal with the negative side effects of these drugs that will kill the cells (both cancerous and non-cancerous) in my body. My counts will go down after getting chemo each time, so if you'd like to visit me, please check with Mommy and Daddy first, and make sure that you are free of any colds/viruses/bugs and wash your hands before coming in the house. They are going to give me Immunoglobulin next Tuesday in the hospital, so that should help boost my immunity a little. Keep your fingers crossed that I only have to stay for four hours or so!

I'll keep you posted on what's happening, but for now, I'm going to play some more...


Allie said...

Yeah Becca! I'm so glad to hear your are doing GREAT! We all miss you on A5S. I love your princess outfit... very fitting for you. :) Give your mommy, nana, and laura a big hug for me.... Oh and a head bonk for your daddy. :)
Miss you guys,

graciesmom1228 said...

Trisha, This is Julie Bryant. I tried calling you on your cell phone (the last contact information number I had for you from Goddard). I would really love to talk to you because I have something for you that could really make your holidays a little easier. Please call me if you can! I left a message for you on your gmail account. Please call ASAP!! Thanks! Julie