A few more pics & Christmas wishes

Warm Becca

Lily surprised Santa by kissing him on the lips!

Becca - one of the other (Supergirl) reindeer

Dirty laundry?

Do you like my new hair?

I had to go to the hospital yesterday, but I only had to stay a few hours while they gave me IVIG (immunoglobulin through my central line) and checked me out to see how I was doing. We got to go to the day hospital, which was a pretty nice place. The room was bright, we had a fancy flat screen TV, and the chairs were cozier for Mommy and Daddy. It was much better than being in the clinic, so I won't mind going back there for the IVIG once a month. I guess the doctors want to try to boost my immunity through the winter months by doing the IVIG every four weeks. We'll be back at the hospital on Saturday for chemo, but I'd like to enjoy myself during the holidays before feeling yucky again.
Though my counts are down a bit, I'm doing quite well. I'm singing again... a LOT! Before I went into the hospital, I would burst out in song periodically while sitting at the dinner table or just playing, but for the past two months, I haven't really felt like singing. Now, I feel much better, and the songs are coming out again. Mommy has videotaped me, and I'm trying to get her to put it on the blog. Maybe on the next post?
Anyway, Mommy and Daddy wanted me to tell all of you to have a very Merry Christmas! We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family, and we hope that you will be able to share the holiday with your loved ones.
We are spending this evening (Christmas Eve) with Nana, Papa, and Baba (Papa's daddy) at our house tonight and opening the presents that Santa brought to Nana and Papa's house. Daddy's cooking a yummy dinner, and I can't wait! Tomorrow morning, we get to open the gifts that Santa will leave at our house, then we are heading to Nanna B. and Papa's house to open more presents with them and Great Nanna, Mason, Avery, Uncle Jon, Aunt Renee, and all of the dogs (Nimmy, Satch, Clyde, and Charlie). I keep telling Mommy that I want to go back to Nanna B's, since I haven't been there in about two months.
I'll update you again soon, but until then, have a holly, jolly Christmas!


LaDonna said...

So glad you're home and feeling better. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Allie said...

You look like you are having TONS of fun Becca! It always makes me smile when I look at your adorable pictures. I hope Santa brought plenty of fun toys. Thank you for my beautiful picture you made me! I like all the shiny buttons and leaves. I'm going to hang it in the door of my locker so I see it everyday I come to work.
BIG hugs for Lily, Mommy, Nana's, and Laura.... and of course that special bonk on the head for Daddy.

Happy New Year Becca Boo!
All the best,