Day 12 & 13 (Consolidation)

Okay... here's the deal. I'm getting a little tired of listing every little detail about each of my days, so I'm going to start summarizing a little more. After all, Mommy's hands are getting a little tired of typing, and with her going back to work, she's not going to have as much time to take my dictation.

Sunday -
Around 7:30am, I was awakened by a large portable X-ray machine on my belly and a hard plate under my back. Nothing ever came of the pics, but everyone was concerned about the stomach cramps I was having in the middle of the night. I slept on Mommy's lap in the rocking chair from 8am-1:45pm. Boy... her hiney must have been sore! The doctors were all very puzzled still, because they couldn't figure out what is causing my fever (this was the seventh day) and flu-like symptoms. All of the tests they've done have come back negative, and nothing has grown in any of the cultures. They decided to do a urinalysis, and they needed what is called a "clean sample." I'll spare you the specifics, but Mommy and Nana were anything but clean by the time they got the sample!

My counts were awesome: ANC - 11,300, platelets - 366,000. While this is very good that my body is responding by making lots of platelets and neutrophils, it is bad in that it means there is some type of infection against which my body is trying to mount an attack.

Daddy and I played in the evening, and he polished my fingernails (pink, of course). I told him I wanted earrings like Mommy's, so he said that when we get out of the hospital Lily and I can get our ears pierced. He says that the pain from piercing wouldn't be anything compared to what I've been through, and I might look more like a girl with the pierced ears. I don't really get what he's saying, but Mommy voice sounded kinda funny when she told him, "We'll discuss it later."

Monday -

I had a fever again overnight. Daddy was with me when I woke up in the morning, but Mommy wasn't anywhere to be found. Daddy told me she went to work and that I'd see her later in the day. Hmmm... she hasn't done that since I've been in the hospital - hope that goes well for her.

Laura came down to the hospital and spent the day with Daddy and me. It was really nice to see her - I missed her when she went home over the long weekend. I think I made her day when I let her rock me and cuddle with me. I sat at my SpongeBob table and colored, sorted M&Ms, and played with my Candyland Castle game (see pic), which I'm getting hooked on, because it's like a slot machine.

I had "fighting" counts again today: ANC 11,390 and platelets 441,000. All of the tests so far have come back negative, and I still had a fever and diarrhea, so the doctors aren't sure what's going on with my body.

Lily and Mommy came to the hospital for dinner tonight. It was so nice to see my big sister; I have missed her a ton. We played with Play Doh together, and I had a lot of fun. We also tried on bunches of different hats that Mommy brought with her (see pics). I kept mentioning the good time I had with Lily to Mommy later on, even after Lily, Laura, and Daddy left.

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angel said...

I have been a little remiss,
Glad you played with your big sis!
To all of you, I must say,
My heart is with you every day

This last week has been tough,
But try not to be too gruff.
We all know you’re an “eager beaver”
They need to find out about this fever!

Your numbers look quite splendid
And will help you fight this infection
Every day the angels pray,
That things will start to go your way.

With mommy going back to teach,
Let other’s be within your reach.

Love, Your Special Angel