Days 10 & 11 (Consolidation)

Friday -

Another rough night during which I spiked fevers, got the chills, felt achy, had diarrhea, and cried every time my diaper was changed. My body felt just awful. You know that feeling you get when you have the flu? Well, that's how I felt.

During rounds the doctors decided that they needed to test for a few viruses including the flu. They said that my body is doing a great job of trying to defend itself (my ANC was 3,780, platelets were 236,000, and white blood cells at 6.2), but nothing bacterial or fungal is showing up in the blood cultures, stool cultures, or on the CT scan. I'm pretty well covered with all of the antibiotics I'm on, too (Vancomycin, Zosyn, Gentamicin, and now Ambisome). The nurse stuck two Q-tips up my nose to swab for the flu - a quite unpleasant experience - but I handled it very well.

Mommy's cousin Maria and Nana came for a visit, but I didn't feel like socializing at all. I was pretty darn miserable all day. I alternated between shivering and burning up, and every diaper Mommy changed was filled with diarrhea (she actually had to change her clothes twice because my diaper leaked out on her - haha).

Saturday -

My counts were even higher (ANC = 5,720, platelets = 283,000, and white blood cells = 8.8), so my body was really kicking into high gear to fight off this bug. The problem, though, is that I still felt like total garbage. It was a repeat of the night before, except my highest temperature spike happened around 4am, and it was 39.8 degrees Celsius (103.6 Fahrenheit). I wasn't even allowed to go out for rounds this morning, because they had me in isolation until the cultures come back. All of the nurses, doctors, and PCAs that came in had to wear yellow gowns, masks, and gloves. I didn't like it one bit, so I screamed every time that someone entered the room. Nurse Anna summarized what was said at rounds, since I didn't want Mommy to go out either.

She said that they were going to treat me with Tamiflu, even though the flu cultures hadn't come back yet. Dr. Hummel felt that the symptoms I was exhibiting were classic for the flu. Even if I didn't have the flu, giving me Tamiflu wouldn't hurt me. If I did have it, starting the medicine today would give us another day's head start on the treatment.

Mommy's friend Kate visited again today. Mommy really seems to like it when Kate visits, and she always brings yummy things for Mommy and me. Today, she brought some tasty Quakes cheddar-flavored mini rice cakes. I hadn't eaten in three days, so they looked pretty good to me. Once I had the first one, I quickly wanted four more, and I grinned as I ate them. Unfortunately, I saw them again (and so did Mommy, Kate, and Dr. Hummel). I was impressed with how he pitched in to help clean me up.

We moved to a new room today! Tons of kids have left the floor this week, being discharged because they are at the end of induction, they are feeling better, or they are out on passes. Our room makes a lot of noise, and Daddy keeps saying it's a man in the wall shaking the pipes. I don't know if it's true, but that's what it sounds like, and every time someone nearby flushes a toilet, we hear it. So, when the opportunity to move came up, Mommy snatched it. She had us mostly packed up by the time Kate got here, and Kate became "one chick with a cart." You've heard of two men and a truck? Well, Kate moved us with a cart and a wagon, and she even unpacked things for us. What a good friend she is... Mommy's pretty lucky.

I like the new room. It's a little bigger, it's a lot quieter, and the view from the window is nice. Though I like it, I'm still ready to go home, so I hope we're not in it for too long.

Since I had such a rough day again, the doctors prescribed morphine for me, and Mommy had them give it to me around 5pm. I had been in pain with stomach cramps and aches, and just the slightest touch (even from Mommy) made me scream. Most of the afternoon I begged Mommy to rock me over and over. The morphine did wonders! I actually asked to play (and did - see above pic), and it really took the edge off my pain. I might tell Mommy and Daddy I want it more often...

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ward_louisa said...

Thanks for the video - Becca's so cute and a good singer, like her Mom! I'm sorry you had such a bad weekend. We keep praying for you.

Love, Aunt Lou