Day 3 (Consolidation)

Another fine day! I woke up in a great mood after a good night's sleep, and I wanted to get moving. Mommy and I took a walk to pick out cereal and milk, and we sat at my SpongeBob table together eating Fruit Loops. At rounds, we heard that my ANC was at 580, my platelets were at 172,000, and my hemoglobin was back up to 12.1 after the blood transfusion last night.

I played in the playroom with Nanna B., Laura, and Mommy in the morning, built block towers with Nana and Mommy, showed Jill (my OT) how to take care of my baby doll, and ate dinner and did arts and crafts with Lily. This was definitely my busiest day yet. Again today, I didn't take a nap. Between trying to go pee pee in the hat in the potty (they needed a "clean" urine sample, which I gave them), getting my echocardiogram and EKG done, and having my PICC line unclotted, it was an afternoon filled with activity. Mommy's friend Meg came in to visit, too. She brought me a really nice Dora picture from her daughter Sarah and brownies, as well as yummy (well, that's what Mommy and Poppa said, anyway) homemade soup.

It was so nice to see Lily tonight! I actually allowed her to hug me when she came in (and I hugged back without squealing), I shared my toys and craft supplies, and I even let her eat my last cupcake. As a matter of fact, I cried when she left. I told Mommy that I wanted to go home and play with Lily. Mommy explained that we would get to go home very soon... Tuesday afternoon, to be exact. I don't really understand the whole concept of time, but she seemed excited and so did Lily, so I showed my enthusiasm by gasping.

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