Day 28/0

Me talking to Daddy during therapy ^

I'm an artist!^

Another celebratory cupcake (after all, NO MORE STEROIDS!)^

Nurse Kelly, Nurse Allie, and smiley Becca^

That sleepy medicine (Seroquel) they gave me last night sure worked! Daddy and Mommy were worried that I would wake up at 3am to eat, and I wasn't allowed any food or liquids (called an NPO) after midnight because of my procedures this morning. I actually slept until around 6:45, and I just quietly told Mommy that I wanted yogurt (and Dora cereal, and donuts, and milk...) over and over. I could have been much more demanding; I have a past history of firmly insisting.

Dr. Hummel performed my procedures (BMA and lumbar puncture) this morning, and he told Mommy that everything went fine. Unfortunately for the OR nurses, though, I woke up during my PICC line dressing change and started screaming for Mommy. When Mommy and Daddy rushed in, the nurses didn't look very happy. I promptly reminded everyone in the recovery room of all the foods I wanted to eat.

Once we got back in the room, I made good on my vow to tear through the list of "to eat" foods.
At rounds, Mommy found out that my ANC was at 1290 and my platelets were at 411,000. She told Daddy that the doctors are still concerned about my lactic acid level, though. Normal is 0.7-2.1, and mine is still climbing (it was 7.7 today). Dr. Absalon explained that it is puzzling him, and he is planning to bring in the genetic team. I'm certainly not working out much (I have trouble even standing and walking), and they say I don't have sepsis. Anyway, it looks like I'm going to have a CT scan tomorrow. I don't know what it is, but it sounds pretty cool.

Mommy left for a little while today (I heard she was going to see Aunt LeAnne to get a haircut), so Laura and Daddy took me to one of the therapy rooms. I wasn't happy about it, but they got me standing and walking a little. As you can see in the pics above, I colored on the chalkboard. For my speech therapy today, I sang and danced to Laurie Berkner songs with Daddy. At least I'm stretching my legs a little. Maybe I'll lose this extra poundage soon.

Mommy finally came back, bringing McDonald's chicken nuggets. I was in Heaven! After eating those, and the new chocolate rectangles she surprised me with, I was wiped out. I drifted off to sleep with a full tummy early...

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