Day 27 - The last day of steroids!

<--My new friend and nanny Laura fed me lots of Dora Dora yogurt, Diego yogurt, SpongeBob gogurt, Cheerios, and chicken noodle soup today. As I requested new DVDs (about every five or ten minutes), she switched them out for me. She sure has a lot of patience.

-->Mommy and I colored together at my SpongeBob table for about 20 minutes (the longest I've been up and out of my bed in almost a month). I think Lily will love the picture I made for her. I even spelled my name for Mommy to ensure that she hadn't forgotten how to write it.

<--Cheers! We celebrated the last day of steroids with cupcakes. I'm not going to miss the mood swings, sweating, weight gain, and hunger in the least.

-->As you can see, I really enjoyed my cupcake. I licked every last bit of icing from the top and told Mommy to throw the cake part in the garbage.

-->I continued to sit at my SpongeBob table to watch videos on Mommy's computer. Lily and I were singing and playing together in the videos, and my favorite was the one where Daddy is acting like my horsey, and I fell off his back onto a pillow. I kept telling Mommy that I wanted to go to "Mommy's house" as we watched the videos, and I even teared up. I miss our house more than you know!

<--Laura sure is my friend... she drove all the way to McDonald's at my request, just to get me McNuggets. I ate all ten of them then asked for fries.

We got some unexpected good news today! It's a long story (that I don't really know), but I heard that we might be able to go home this weekend rather than the week of Thanksgiving. It had something to do with the bacteria they had found in my blood being sensitive to the Vancomycin I have been on for a while, so they didn't need to start over with a new ten-day regimen. Also, my platelets were up to 322,000 and my ANC was at 1190. Pretty awesome numbers if you ask me!

If all of you could continue to keep me in your prayers, that would be great! Please pray that my counts stay high despite the three different types of chemo that I will get tomorrow (Methotrexate via intrathecal injection, Vincristine through my PICC line, and 6MP orally). We also need to hope for the lumbar puncture and Bone Marrow Aspiration (BMA) to go smoothly, so that I don't experience pain or an infection following the procedures. Tomorrow's going to be a really busy day, but it's a special one. It is Day 28 of the "induction" phase of my treatment, as well as Day 0 of the "consolidation" phase.

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Taylor Family said...

I am glad to hear the good news. Mommy keeps me up to date, since I can't read yet. Everybody in my family is continuing to pray for you. I have been watching a lot of princess and barbie movies you may try some of them because I really like them. They may pass some time. Good luck today.