Day 26

I thought I would mix things up a little bit this morning... I decided to wake up at 1:30am, demanding yogurt. After that, I polished off five small bowls of Dora cereal and three of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, while watching Charlotte's Web. The nurse suggested some Benadryl for me, and Mommy (in her groggy state) accepted. Little did Mommy know that it would have the opposite effect of what she had anticipated. Yes, I was up until around 5:30, asking her to change the movie, get me food, change my diaper, and so on during those four hours. I finally got a little rest from 5:30 until 7:00 or so (but Mommy was wide awake by that point).

We had some visitors with familiar faces this morning. John (who used to work with Mommy) and Joan (his wife), as well as Kate, with whom I'm actually beginning to interact. John brought something really nice from the high school faculty, and Kate gave me some super cute hats from a few LIS/LMS teachers. I tell you... Mommy sure works with wonderful and caring people. No wonder she's been in Loveland for almost thirteen years.

Mommy, Kate, and I took a walk to show off one of my new hats, and we saw 'Nise while we were out and about. She brought me some warm, fuzzy hats she had made, as well as a scarf and a few bandannas. I'm going to be the most stylin' bald headed girl around here!

'Nise made a dinnertime run to McDonald's for some chicken nuggets and French fries for me (see pic above). They really hit the spot! I actually inhaled six nuggets at dinner, and I ate the other four right before bed. Among the other great things 'Nise did for me this weekend, she also gave blood, which was no small feat. I heard the story of how she passed out twice that day. Mommy told her not to do it anymore. I think she must need her blood more than me, but it was so nice of her to give it.

Today's counts: ANC - 860; platelets - 252,000

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