Day 25

I sure am becoming a night owl! At 3am, the PCA changed my diaper and realized that my bed was wet. I wasn't sure if it was urine or sweat (these steroids really make me sweat), but I was happy to let her change the sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. After that, I stayed up to eat cereal and watch Charlotte's Web until around 6am. I fell asleep, and at 6:20, the IV team came in to draw blood. Well, that's what Mommy told me anyway, since I was sleeping. They honored Mommy's request and came back at 7:30 to "stick me" in my foot to get the blood they needed.

A little later in the morning, my left hand really started hurting. Every time nurse Kimberly put something in (medicines or fluids) through my IV, it burned. I screamed to let her and my mommy know how much it hurt me. The nurse said that the IV in my hand had gone bad, which was typical after a few days, but probably more so because of the antibiotics I was getting.

Dr. Perentesis told us that a new PICC line could be put in, since the other PICC line had been taken out several days prior to this. It would be on my left arm instead of my right arm. Poor 'Nise! She spent so much time modifying all of my nightgowns and jammies for my PICC on the right side! Maybe I'll just wear the outfits inside out or backwards.

Oh, I almost forgot... my ANC was at 1620 today, and my platelets were at 181,000 (normal is 135,000-466,000). My body is doing a great job right now, so let's hope it continues. I would love to go home soon. I keep telling everyone, "I go Mommy's house!"

Mommy, Nana, and the nurses tricked me! They took me on a ride in my wagon, but it was all a setup. We ended up in radiology, and the people inside the room were wearing masks, so I knew something was up. Placing the PICC line this time didn't seem as easy as it was the first time, but that might have been because I knew what was going on. I think I bled a little more this time, too. From what the nurse said that night as she hooked me up to my IV pole, they had gotten a "good line." Even though the whole experience was nerve wracking and traumatic, at least they can now give me medicines and take my blood through the PICC line without me feeling everything. It was SO worth the pain!

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Kathmans said...

Dear Trisha, Hello from Florida. I am so thankful you let us know. We are faithfully praying for all of you. You are such a great mom. I always knew you would be. You have such a way about you that is evident in this blog. Mark loves the idea that you are writing this from Becca's perspective. We have not met Ethan yet however, he sounds like a great dad. We will continue to pray. Thank you for keeping up the blog. We check it everyday. God will give you the strength you need. Love, Loiselle