Day 24

This was me in September (pre-Lukemia diagnosis). Mommy, Daddy, Laura, and I were watching some videos of Lily and me on the computer this morning, and this was my favorite. I wanted to remind people that I really am cute.

I think something is wrong with my internal clock. I keep waking up at 4 am and going to bed between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. Oh, I really miss the uninterrupted sleep I used to get at home. Hopefully I'll get to have restful nights and naptimes again soon.

Since I had gotten up so early, I didn't want to go out for rounds this morning, but I heard Mommy and Daddy say how much they thought things "sucked" when they came back in. I guess they got some good news... my ANC was up to 1780. WOW! That's the highest it's been since I've known I even had an ANC. The bad news was that they found out we would be in the hospital for a minimum of ten more days. The antibiotic they put me on for the bacteria in my blood needs to run the full course (ten days) via IV. That means we will surely be in here until at least the week of Thanksgiving. One of the nurses said there are always hiccups. I'm wondering what hiccups have to do with any of this...

I liked having Laura in the hospital with me today! She's really nice and funny, and it's great to have another person jumping through hoops every time I change my mind. I think I might go easier on her (and everyone) once I'm finished with these steroids. Only three more days - yippee!

Mommy and Daddy keep telling me about all of the nice things that our friends, neighbors, and relatives are doing for us. You have been so kind, thoughtful, and supportive, and we really appreciate it! Mommy has been terrible about sending thank you notes (she's been kind of busy taking care of me and taking dictation from me for this blog), but she wanted you to know that we are all very thankful for the big and little things you have done to help us out. When we see some of the other patients here without the support systems we have, we feel even more blessed.

Everyone is continuing to ask what we need. You want to know what we need the most? Thoughts and prayers for my counts to continue climbing, the bacterial infection to clear up, and our family to be back together in our own home - that's what we need. Cupcakes would be nice, too... :o)


graciesmom1228 said...

Becca, I'm thrilled your counts are up so much! Congrats! Gosh, there sure are a lot of people who love you and your family! We'll definitely continue to pray for all of you and wish you well! Trisha and Ethan, please don't hesitate to call me if you need anything at all. I mean that! Is there some way I can come visit Becca, or is it too dangerous with her treatment?

becca.blog said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for all of the prayers! You surely can come to visit Becca in the hospital. You'll just need to make sure you aren't sick and you wash your hands when you come in. Also, Gracie cannot come with you (unfortunately). Other than that, come on down... we'd love to see you!