Day 23

Up in the four o'clock hour again and eating the hospital out of food... yes, that's me. Mommy and Laura gave me a haircut this morning (see pic to the right). They used something that plugged into the wall and made a loud buzzing sound. I've never gotten a haircut like that before, but Daddy has. I must be good luck, because everyone kept rubbing my head today.

We got some bad news this morning. My blood culture turned up some bacteria. The doctors were worried that my PICC line could be harboring some bacteria, and their plan was to remove it, test it, and give me a different PICC line.

After rounds, though, the resident came in to let Mommy and me know that they weren't going to put another PICC line in yet. They were going to put an IV back in my hand (like when we first entered the hospital) and pull my PICC out. Mommy wasn't very happy about it, and after the removal of the PICC and the insertion of the IV in my hand tonight, I know why.

The paddle I'm wearing on my left hand is supposed to be temporary. I need to wear it until I get another PICC line or my central line. For either of these to happen, though, my bacterial infection needs to be cleared up. So, the bottom line is that we will be in the hospital until at least the end of next week... and Daddy, Mommy, and I were so encouraged by my counts today. My ANC went up to 440 today, and my platelet count was actually in the normal range. Dr. Parentesis reiterated the fact that I have gone into a nice remission, but I still am stuck here.

I sure liked having my new friend Laura at the hospital with Mommy and me today. She's funny and sweet, and I'm teaching her lots about how to interact with me. And she thinks she is a good trainer...

On a side note, I wanted to pass along a special "thank you" to Two Tomatoes Records. They are the company that produces the Laurie Berkner Band CDs and DVDs. Daddy sent an email message to them yesterday, asking for donations of Laurie Berkner music for Children's Hospital (specifically, the Hem/Onc floor). Daddy received an email back that said they would be happy to send some CDs and DVDs, and we're really excited that more kids will be able to get some joy from the band's wonderful music. Thanks, Laurie, Ryan, and Susie (and Corinne)!

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