Day 22

Mommy brought me Dora cereal this morning, and I devoured about five small bowls of it. YUM! Again today, I ate a ton. I was a little happier first thing in the morning, but got irritable shortly thereafter. On a good note, the hair fairy had come while I was sleeping, and she brought me a really cool ice cream toy.

Well, since I had Vincristine yesterday, my ANC was down to 390 (bummer), but my platelets were up. The doctor explained why the ANC fluctuates, and then he said that I was in a nice remission. He was happy with my platelets and told me I was doing well.

Mommy and Nanna B. tried to get me to play and to go down to occupational therapy with Jill, but I just wasn't interested. Gretchen, the physical therapist, also attempted to rouse me, but we never were able to connect. Maybe tomorrow...

I fell asleep at 5:30 tonight, since I hadn't taken a nap and had been awake since 4am. I did wake up and see my new nanny's smiling face for about 30 seconds before I drifted off for the rest of the night. I can't wait to meet her tomorrow!

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Great Uncle Jon said...


You must have been very tired but that is certainly understandable. I hope you have good dreams while you are snoozing. I'll bet your new nanny is going to be nice and a lot of fun to do things with.

Love, Great Uncle Jon