Day 20

Ahhh, what a great night of sleep! I think Mommy's going to make sure I get that Benadryl stuff every night.

Unfortunately, I still woke up cranky, and I was hungry and grouchy all day long again. I'd ask you if you want the good news or the bad news first, but since I can't wait for your response, I'll choose.

The good news... my ANC was up to 220 today! This is big, since it was just at zero a few days ago. My platelets have also come up (104,000), but not quite to a normal level yet.

The bad news... I'm probably not going home this week. We are all disappointed. In order to go home, my ANC needs to be above 500 for three or more days. It's not there yet, and I'm getting more Vincristine (chemo) tomorrow, which will most likely make my counts plunge. In addition, the infection on my back is not totally healed, and without these two criteria met, the doctors will not let me leave. While I understand why it's better that I stay, I'm really over this place!

Everyone here has been acting nice and all, but they keep bothering me constantly, and my body feels awful right now. I'm almost 37 lbs., and I'm having trouble getting comfy (see belly pic above; Mommy's a techie, but she still couldn't get it to face the right way and got tired of messing with it). My hair is falling out in clumps, too. What's up with that? They knew it was going to happen (I heard them tell Mommy and Daddy); it must be some type of conspiracy...

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