Day 2 (Consolidation)

Wow! Could my day have been any more fabulous?! Those nasty steroids really wore off today, because I actually had energy, wanted to play, and smiled and giggled at everybody. As you can see, I tried on lots of hats, built block towers and knocked them down (that's my favorite part), colored, dressed up in my new princess tiara and earrings, and even went to the playroom. I know this doesn't seem like a lot of activity for the average two year old, but I haven't felt like sitting up for about a month now, and it's been almost 30 days since I've been in the playroom.

As far as eating, I didn't feel like munching as much or as often as I have been, so I'm hoping my belly will shrink a little. It's kind of "out there," right now, which makes it difficult to get comfortable and move around. Building towers with the physical therapist (Gretchen) today forced me to twist and reach a little, which is exercise as far as I'm concerned. I even walked some today, starting with early this morning when I wanted to show Mommy the new nightgown and slippers I was wearing. Daddy and I surprised her by opening the bathroom door... luckily, she wasn't indisposed at the time.

My counts were pretty wacky today. I knew my ANC would go down a little because of the chemo, but it took a nose dive from 2080 yesterday to 400 today. My platelets were down a little (279,000) from yesterday's 334,000, and my hemoglobin tanked, too. Since they thought something was off with the numbers of several indicators, they took more blood to rerun the labs. My hemoglobin was even lower (7.8) with the new results, so they did a transfusion in the late afternoon. Blood always perks me up... maybe that's why I had so much energy in the evening, even though I didn't have a nap. Unfortunately, we didn't ever find out what my ANC was for the second set of labs, so we're looking forward to seeing that number tomorrow.

Mommy met with the geneticists today to answer some questions. They are going to try to figure out why my lactic acid level is so high. Once they get some blood and urine samples, they will analyze them and let us know within a few days if it is a metabolic problem or not. The "boss," Dr. Saul, told Mommy that he didn't think it was, but they would do the tests to rule it out.

Laura and Mommy took so many pictures today that Mommy had trouble deciding which ones to include on today's post. I didn't even want to stop to take a nap or go to bed, and finally around 10pm, after I had a giggling fit, Mommy turned out all the lights to make me go to sleep.

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