Day 19

12am - I woke up and wanted to go for a walk to make grilled cheese with Daddy (he indulged me)

12:30am-3am - kept Mommy up asking to eat, be rocked, watch Charlotte's Web and "move it, move it", and take a walk

3am - got morphine and slept

6am - woke Mommy up asking to eat, be rocked, watch Charlotte's Web and "move it, move it," and took a walk to kitchen to make soup

6:30-8am - ate a little bit of everything and crabbed before falling back asleep

The rest of the day was more of the same, and it was perhaps my crankiest day yet. Mommy looked pretty worn down, as she could not make me happy no matter how hard she tried. I still didn't want to play today, and the only thing I did was eat. My new weight is 15.3 kg (around 34 lbs.), up from 13.3 kg (about 26 lbs.) when I entered the hospital. Daddy and Mommy are struggling to lift and carry me, and I'm having trouble getting comfortable. It's amazing what an extra five pounds can do! I overheard Mommy and Nana saying that they thought I might burst... man, that would stink!

I'm losing more of my hair, too. It's been collecting on my pillowcases and getting stuck in the crease in my neck. Mommy asked me if I wanted her to cut my hair, but I refused. I want to hang on to it for as long as I can (and so does Mommy). Daddy just buzzed his late last week and wants to cut mine so that we can have matching 'dos.

On a positive note, my ANC was up to 100 today. Yahoo! 400 to go before we can go home. The problem is that I'll be getting Vincristine again Tuesday, so I'm not sure it'll jump fast enough in time for us to go home this week. Mommy asked Dr. Burns what would happen if we had to stay until the end of Day 28, and my count still wasn't up. She said that the chemo and steroids would still stop as scheduled at the end of induction, but then we would need to stay at the hospital until my counts were at acceptable levels before going home and starting the next phase of my treatment. While this would be a pain, it seems doable.

I must say that the highpoint of the day, though, had to be when Mommy's friend Kate brought me purple cupcakes (for which I've had a hankering for days). You can see the before and after pics above. That's really the only time I smiled today. Hopefully, the Benadryl they gave me tonight will help me get some good ZZZZs, and tomorrow will be better.

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angel said...


You love your grilled cheese,
You love all the food,
Too bad those steroids,
Have fouled up your mood.

I’m sure mommy’s tired,
But we know she’s real strong,
Maybe she’d feel better,
If you sang her a song.

You’re excited to meet your nanny,
She’s as nice as can be,
And please just remember
You’ll always have me

Below are some thoughts,
From all the angels and god.
We hope they will help,
As you move along.

We asked the Lord to bless you
To guide you and protect you
As you go along your way....

His love is always with you
His promises are true
No matter what the tribulation
You know He will see you through

So when the road you're traveling on
Seems difficult at best
Give your problems to the Lord
And God will do the rest.

Love, Angel