Day 17

I think I ate the hospital right out of food today! As you can see in the pic to the right, I've been thoroughly enjoying my food. Daddy says I'm like Templeton at the fair (the rat in my favorite movie Charlotte's Web).

My ANC was only up to 70 today, but it was zero yesterday, so I guess it's an improvement anyway. In order to go home, though, I need an ANC of around 500. To start my next round of treatment on the 18th, my ANC has to be greater than 1,000. Wow... I've got a long way to go.

The massage therapist visited today, but I didn't want to have anything to do with her. Tell me about how crazy I am later in my life, because I'm just not getting it right now. Mommy volunteered to let the massage therapist demonstrate on her and show how it doesn't hurt, but unfortunately for Mommy, I didn't go for that.

Gretchen, my physical therapist, made some progress with me today. She actually got me down to the therapy room on the fourth floor, and I stood up while playing Play Doh with her. I know it doesn't seem like a big step, but I haven't been wanting to stand or walk much at all since I've been in the hospital. Even though standing for the ten minutes we spent playing made me tired, I had fun, and I think I want to go back to check out some of the other fun toys down there.

Today Mommy got a new calendar from Tina, our care manager. It shows that November 18 is Day 0 of my next phase of treatment, which is also Day 28 of this phase (induction). It looks like I won't take the steroids beginning that day (yahoo... no more mood swings), and I'll be taking something called 6MP or Mercaptopurine each day orally. I'll also get Methotrexate via intrathecal injection during my lumbar puncture (spinal tap) each week in the oncology outpatient clinic at Children's, but I won't have to get the bone marrow aspirations after the 18th. On December 17th, I'll begin the next phase of my treatment (interim maintenance) if my counts are on target.

One more bit of news... Mommy and Daddy have a nanny lined up. I won't be able to go back to school (there are lots of germs and sicknesses floating around), so in-home care is the way to go for now. Laura currently lives in North Carolina, but she'll be coming in to town next Tuesday night. I'm so excited that she is going to join our family, and I can't wait to meet her!


Nancy Kanienberg said...

I donate to Hoxworth all the time. I will be in Cincy this week and will go to Hoxworth in Blue Ash for Becca and for Childrens. I sure hope she gets to come home soon.

Nancy Kanienberg

Monica said...

Becca -

We want you to know you have some Kentucky cousins who are praying for those counts to come up! You are such a brave little girl, we bet your Mommy and Daddy are very proud! We love you very much and keep you in our thoughts.

Jason, Monica, Morgan, Jillian and Molly Jo