Day 16

Ugh... my ANC is down to zero today! Zero as in nada, zilch, nothing. How can that happen?! Just when the other numbers were looking good, too. This is the count that needs to be up to around 500 for me to go home, so I'm hoping it jumps over the next few days.

My hemoglobin was at 8.8 this morning, and they say when it gets to 8, I'll need some more blood. I guess I should expect that soon. At least it'll make me feel better.
I had a few visitors this morning: Poppa, Aunt Renee, and Nanna B. They saw my newfound appetite in action. As you can see by my pic (at right), I'm getting a second chin. This is understandable, since I woke up at 5:45 saying "I want frackers (crackers), Mommy!" I ended up eating 1 1/2 PopTarts, 1/2 of a grilled cheese sandwich, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, a pancake with syrup, a powdered donut gem, and a handful of honey roasted peanuts. Impressive, huh?
Nana visited at lunchtime today, so she was able to help me eat more soup and grilled cheese. I sure miss seeing her, but I know she's been super busy taking care of Lily and Baba. Hang in there, Nana!

After a very short nap today, I danced with Mommy and Allie (my favorite nurse) to "Move It, Move It" some more, and I played with Lisa, the speech therapist, for a while. She was amazed that I know all of my letters and colors already, but I've actually known them for a long time. I guess she comes around to play with me so I don't lose some of the things I learned before I came into the hospital. She said she also wants me to learn some new things, too. I have learned some new words: leukemia, blood, white blood cells... I could go on and on.

Dr. Burns and Mommy talked this afternoon, and they decided it might be good to go ahead and give me some blood tonight. I guess I have a flow murmur right now, which is not a big deal, according to the doctor. I'm hoping to have lots of energy tomorrow. I know Mommy wants me to go to the play room with her, and the massage therapist is stopping by, as well. I could go for a massage right now! Maybe my ANC will bounce back a little tomorrow, too...

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