Day 15

I woke up early and hungry again, and Mommy couldn't order me the grilled cheese fast enough. As you can tell by my latest pics, I'm developing that "moon face" that everyone's referring to here.

My ANC counts are really down today, and I don't really understand why they jumped so low from yesterday to today. Could be that the chemo is killing all of my cells (yes, even the good ones). Dr. Burns said that things really fluctuate during the induction phase. That's the initial phase of my treatment, A.K.A. the first 28 days that I'm in right now.

GOOD NEWS! I found out that I am a "rapid responder" today! The doctors were saying I am in remission, since my blast count was below the 5% they wanted (and actually closer to 0%). As long as my ANC comes up and the cellulitis on my back heals, I might be able to go home Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Dr. Burns said that I have to be on the antibiotic (Vancomycin) for ten days before I can go home, as well as my counts being up, and my back looking better.

I SO want to go home! Please keep praying and thinking positive thoughts for me. I really believe they are helping. I've had more energy lately, and I've even been smiling and laughing. Daddy, Mommy, and I had fun dancing to "Move It, Move It" from the movie Madagascar today (see pic above), and I even tried to jump again (I haven't done that in a while). I have a little more weight on me now, so it might be some time before I can actually get some air. While the nurses are getting a kick out of my sense of humor, and I'm starting to like some of them, I'm ready to leave this place.


Great Uncle Jon said...


Hooray for you and your blast count! I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better and can head home soon. Won't that be wonderful?

Love, Great Uncle Jon

P.S. Do you like yellow or white cheese on your grilled cheese sandwiches?

becca.blog said...

Yellow, of course, Great Uncle Jon! They aren't very fancy in the Children's Hospital cafeteria, so I don't get a choice. It tastes yummy enough to me, though!

Natalie said...

Rapid early responder! Exactly what you wanted to hear! YAY!