Day 14 - It's been more than two weeks

Mommy apologized that she didn't feel like writing too much for me today, but I understand... I'm emotionally drained, too.

Everything went fine with my procedure this morning. I only had the bone marrow test; no spinal tap, since the fluid around my spine was clear last week. They also did my PICC line dressing change, thanks to Daddy's persistence. So much better than having it done with four nurses pinning me down...

My steroid appetite has kicked in full force. Mommy's keeping a calorie count sheet for me, and she had to add extra lines at the bottom, since I ate so much. Daddy said I discovered a new food group this morning. Powdered donut gems are the bomb! My new favorite, though, is grilled cheese - I can't get enough!

My Baba (Papa's daddy) had surgery today, and I heard it went well. It had something to do with cleaning out his prostate, but they also found some stones in his bladder and removed them. Good thing... I don't think we're supposed to have stones in our bodies. Papa donated blood for me today, too. That's so nice. I'll be needing lots of it over the next couple of years.

Aunt Renee stopped in this afternoon and brought a yummy dinner for Mommy and Daddy. I let her rock me, and I think she was enjoying it. She wasn't able to stay too long, though, because she had to pick up Avery.

We got "preliminary" good news about the results from my bone marrow test from the morning. The count on my blasts is less than five percent, so we might be able to go home next week. We're not celebrating yet, though, since we jumped the gun last week to celebrate the preliminary results. The cellulitis on my back needs to clear up, and some other counts need to be within certain ranges before we can go home. Please continue praying for me...


graciesmom1228 said...

Trisha, Ethan, Lily, and Becca,
I wanted to leave another little note for you, to tell you that I would love to help out in ANY way that I can. I was told about what's going on with Becca a few days ago and have been absolutely beside myself worrying for all of you. I will not hesitate to do anything in my power to help, whether it be grocery shopping, checking on your house, watching Lily for a while, visiting Becca at the hospital so that you guys can take care of anything you might need to, ANYTHING. Please don't hesitate to ask! You can send me a message at bryantjulie@yahoo.com or call me on my cell. Do you still have my number? I pray for you all and for Becca's treatment to go well! Love you! Julie Bryant

Natalie said...

I definitely understand about the desire to not celebrate too much too soon. So I'll just say a quiet little yay for you, because, as you know, those test results will put you in the rapid early responder category, which is very, very good news! See there--I used an exclamation point for just a tiny little celebration of this most excellent news. It's exhausting, I know. Hang in there.