Day 13

Well, I guess I'm becoming a nightowl. I was up and down from about 2am on, moaning, calling for Mommy, and having nurses messing with me. At 6:00 (right after she got back to sleep from my issues during the five o'clock hour), I sat up and told Mommy I wanted French fries. She staved my hunger with yogurt and ordered fries, but by the time they came, I didn't want them. I ate cheese puffs instead... LOTS of cheese puffs.

Lily, Nanna B., and Poppa dropped in this morning. It was so nice to see Lily! She told me about her trick-or-treating and her new kitten at Nanna B's house. Though I wasn't very nice to my big sister, she did a great job of sharing and not fighting back when I tried to start things. Mommy took her to school, and Daddy stayed with me.

Daddy and I saw all of those cheese puffs I had eaten again. They came up while Mommy was gone. Why do I keep throwing up when she is not here at the hospital?

Daddy was super-busy on a crusade this morning. He was working diligently to make sure that my PICC line dressing would be changed while I am under anesthesia for my procedure tomorrow. He and Mommy had implored many people during the last week to make sure we didn't have to go through the trauma of PICC line dressing changes in my room (without anesthesia), but it had gone nowhere until today.

By the time Mommy got back, Daddy had talked to everyone he had seen this morning (our nurse, the PCA, the nurse manager, someone from Child Life, the doctors, the residents, and even housekeeping) about it. A patient/family advocate from family relations stopped in right as Mommy walked in the door, and she sat down to talk with Daddy and Mommy. She got some details, left to talk with the nurse in charge of the OR, and came back with the news that they would change my PICC line dressing tomorrow during my procedure. Daddy is my hero! I was SO dreading Thursday, but now I don't need to.

The nurse also started giving me platelets while Mommy was gone. The doctors this morning said that my levels were getting close to being low. With my bone marrow aspiration scheduled for tomorrow, the new platelets would help me to not bleed too much in the OR.

I went outside today! There is a play deck on the roof of the 4th floor, between the A tower and the B tower. Someone swiped us through, and Daddy, Mommy, and I took a ride over to the play deck. All kinds of play equipment is included on the rooftop, and I was really excited at first. I went down the slide and into the playhouse (see pic above), but then I was done.

'Nise and Mr. Tim came to my room right before bedtime. I hadn't seen Mr. Tim in a long time, so it was nice to lay eyes on him again. They stayed to talk for a little while with Mommy and Daddy, but I wasn't feeling too social. I finally told them I was tired, and I think they got the hint, because they turned out the lights and 'Nise and Mr. Tim left.

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