Day 12

Same ol', same ol'... another rough night (but luckily it lasted an extra hour because of the time change) and cranky morning. I think Mommy is getting a little tired of my mood swings. She's really being great about it, but I do believe it's wearing her down. She's not looking so good right now...

Mommy's former "techies" and friends from work, Kate and John (and his wife Joan), visited for a while this morning. They brought homemade hashbrown casserole (which Mommy LOVES) and a yummy chocolate coffee cake that Kate had made, as well as some more gifts from the sweet teachers at LIS and a cuddly bear from John and Joan. I devoured a pretty big chunk of the cake and asked for more later. Kudos to Kate!

During rounds, Mommy whispered to me that I needed to eat better or they were going to start feeding me through my IV. I guess Dr. Hummel had mentioned it because I haven't been eating very much, considering the steroids that I'm on. I'm supposed to be eating everything in sight, and getting a big belly and a "moon face." I sure hope this inevitable moon face doesn't glow in the dark!

The rest of the afternoon was filled with me changing my mind constantly, but at least I ate a ton! I think I did a decent job of developing that steroid appetite that Mommy told me I needed. Yogurt is my new favorite, and I believe I had four tubes of SpongeBob GoGurt and 12 oz. of vanilla yogurt today alone. Maybe we've dodged the IV feedings for a few days anyway.

Uncle Jonathan, Nana, and Papa came to see me in the afternoon, and I actually got to take a walk today. I SO love to get out of the room! I also felt like playing a little this evening... the most I have played in about ten days. The highlight of the night had to be right before I went to bed. Mommy put on the Laurie Berkner Victor Vito CD, and we sang to it together like we used to in the car with Lily. She told Daddy how nice it was to see me sing, and she actually had tears in her eyes. With my pacifier out, she even noticed my new tooth poking through.

Dr. Hummel came in right before I went to sleep to look at my back. He said that it's not getting worse, so I guess that's good news. He also warned us that if my bone marrow test Tuesday shows more than five percent leukemia blasts remaining, we would likely be in the hospital for the full 28 days, if not a little longer. No pressure, huh?! I just want to go home...


Hillary said...

Trisha, Becca, and family,

I just wanted you to know that I check the blog daily and am thinking of you constantly during this challenging time. I have my fingers crossed that you will have good test results so that you do not have to stay another 28 days. You are so brave and I admire your strength. Sending hugs your way!

Love, Hillary

Diane said...


You need to take care of you too!
Rest Rest Rest....trust me, you will be glad you did....If you need more people to help out......


I know I know

Hang in there

Jen Bebout said...

I too am checking the blog daily and can't seem to keep you out of my thoughts all day long!

I have been praying for healing, strength and for you to feel like God has his arms around you for support!

I know we don't know each other well, but God has laid you and your family on my heart. I would love to help you in any way that I can!

Love, Jen Bebout

Kim and Sean said...

Glad to hear that you are eating and liking the yogurt stuff, at least it isn't tofu. Your Aunt Sherrie used to make me eat some pretty strange stuff. We all will be thinking and praying for you and your big test tomorrow. Good luck and remain the strong little fighter you are. Love,
The Merrills in WA