Day 11

(At Left: Halloween pic of Lily - she went trick-or-treating with Maddie and Nanna B.)

Another rough night... I whimpered on and off all night. This new room is really a loud room compared to the one we were in before. There are some pipes that make banging sounds every once in a while, and it usually happens right after I drift off to sleep. Also, the other room had a vent that blew air constantly, giving some white noise. This one does not, so while the room itself seems quieter, all of the hallway noises (and the banging pipe) make it much louder.

Mommy has decided that I'm either schizophrenic or a "typical woman" (as she puts it). I really can't help it, but I keep changing my mind. For example, I told Mommy I wanted waffles for breakfast, she went to the kitchen to make them, cut them up, put peanut butter on them, and gave them to me with a fork. I told her I didn't want them, so she set them on the tray table. She asked me a few more times over the next hour if I wanted them, and I said "NO!" Finally, Mommy asked if she could throw them away, and I said "Yes, throw in garbage." Literally two minutes later, I started crying for my waffles.

This kind of thing happened all day in different situations. I told her I wanted to rock, she started rocking me, and a minute later, I wanted to be on my Dora couch. She put me on my Dora couch, and I wanted to be in my bed. Mommy moved me around a lot today! It's a good thing Daddy had to go to work, because I don't think he would've handled my cantankerousness very well today.

Mommy talked to the "pain guy" (the leader of the pain team) this morning. He thought that I was past the peak of my pain from the leukemia, because I hadn't complained of leg pain and Mommy hadn't given me any morphine in a day. They agreed that it would be good to disconnect the morphine pump, but he reminded her that I could still get doses of morphine from the nurse if I needed them. It sounds like I could have used the pump several days ago, but we started it a little too late.

At rounds this morning, the doctors said that they still did not have the results back from my stool culture, so we needed to stay in the room (you don't know how bummed this made me). They are still very concerned about the infection on my back at the site of my first bone marrow aspiration, because it's looking worse. They should be concerned; my back is really the only thing I've complained about over the past day or so. The new resident (Dr. Downs) suggested prescribing a stronger IV antibiotic and topical antibiotic to clear up the infection, and Dr. Hummel (the attending) concurred. They are also keeping an eye on my platelets (the number is getting a little low), and they mentioned my glucose level. I haven't had much candy at all, considering it's Halloween time, but I have been eating an awful lot of Dora yogurt.

I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon changing my mind and driving Mommy crazy, and I struggled to take a nap. The nurses kept coming in to check on me, it was loud (see above), and my tummy was bothering me. 'Nise came in just in time to rescue me from my non-sleep. She brought me Sponge Bob GoGurt, and fed me two while I was in my bed. YUM - she always brings me such fun things! I wanted more, but Mommy said, "Maybe after nap." What a buzzkill she can be sometimes. 'Nise rocked me, helped me get in my Dora couch, then put me nigh-night when Dora was over.

After 'Nise left, Mommy and I finally took a late afternoon catnap. When I woke up, Daddy was back, and he brought homemade (well work-made) chicken and dumplings. Even though I didn't want it, he and Mommy bribed me to eat a bite, and then I realized how much I liked it. I sure do love my daddy's cooking (when I actually try it, that is)!

The evening was filled with me changing my mind a lot again, and I know I frazzled both Mommy and Daddy. Mommy thinks part of the problem is that my tummy has gas, and I cannot get comfortable. Dr. Hummel prescribed some Mylicon to relieve the gas bubbles; I sure hope it works. We had success with Mylicon when I was a baby, so we can only hope.

As I struggled with getting to sleep again, the resident (Dr. Kevin, as Mommy called him) came into our room to look at me. He said that the results from my stool culture were all negative, which is positive news. This seems counterintuitive, but it means that we'll be able to take walks and go to the play room tomorrow. Whew... I'm tired of these same four walls. No other news from the doctor, except that he hoped the new antibiotics would help my back heal, despite the fact that my ANC (neutrophil) count is low.

Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow...

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Great Uncle Jon said...

Hello Becca,

So, the pipes are a bit noisy in your room? Radiator pipes in my office are the same way. Lots of clanking sounds. I like to pretend that there are tiny plumbers inside the pipes working away with hammers and wrenches although, of course, there really aren't. The boys and girls I talk to really like it when it happens.

I'm so glad you can leave your room to go for walks. Being cooped up gets old fast. It's also good to hear that the "pain guy" (some puns come to mind) thinks the worst is over. I hope you agree.

I think of you, Lily, and your Mom and Dad often.

Great Uncle Jon