Day 1 (Consolidation)


Mommy woke me up today at 4am to eat. How cool is that?! I should have known something was up, but I wasn't suspicious. She also slipped me some medicine, and it made me sleep until almost 11am! It was a good thing, because even after I woke up, I still wasn't able to eat for a LONG time. Mommy was told that the appointment for my CT scan got moved back to 2pm (instead of noon), which meant it would be even more minutes during prime eating time when I could not ingest any food or liquids.

Lily, Nana, and Laura came to visit this morning, and while I was excited to see my big sister, I was pretty grumpy about not being able to eat. I did enjoy playing a barnyard bingo game with the speech therapist, and Lily and I both had fun with bubbles (see pic). Lily and Mommy made a kitty cat mask for Lily that matches the one I have (see pic). They also made a tail out of pipe cleaners, but it looked a little pokey taped to Lily's hiney.

The CT scan was surely an experience. We got down to the radiology department promptly at 2pm, but I didn't get into the CT scan room for almost two hours. I was tired, and I actually had a fever (the first I've had since entering the hospital a month ago). The nurse sedated me and I fell asleep for about five minutes. I woke up with seatbelts wrapped around me on a table, and I was in a tunnel that moved around me. Amazingly enough, I didn't freak out. I watched for a little while, then closed my eyes occasionally, remaining quite still. Mommy carried me over to the recovery room after that, and I sucked down two apple juice boxes and four graham crackers.

Daddy, Mommy, the transport lady, and I rode a big alligator back up to the fifth floor. At that point, I made up for the twelve hours during which I couldn't eat. I insisted on McDonald's chicken nuggets, so Mommy made a run (she thought I deserved them after the day I had). Yogurt (Dora, Diego, and Spongebob), cereal, grilled cheese, chocolate, and a cupcake were also on the menu. As I was falling asleep, we got a surprise visit from Vicky (Mommy's friend from work) and Bob (Vicky's husband). They brought some wonderful surprises from Mommy's LECC friends (including a cute little tiger cub stuffed animal and cupcakes - see pics). As I've said before, we sure have some nice friends!

Oh, I almost forgot... Nana is having a blood drive at her work (Sibcy Cline) for me! That's nice. The flyer is above if you're interested.

My counts today: platelets - 334,000; ANC - 2080

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