Day 8

Boy, I'm getting tired of this! What happened to the 12-13 hours of uninterrupted sleep I used to get at home, as well as the two or three hour nap?! Another rough morning... I tossed and turned, moaning frequently throughout the night. Complaining of back and leg pain, I told Mommy that I indeed wanted some medicine for the pain.

I didn't want to eat much at all today, and I didn't feel like playing. My belly made me super uncomfortable, and it was growing more and more. I heard one of the doctors call it a "Buddah belly." Mommy started rubbing it for luck after she said that.

Poppa came for a visit in the morning before he went to work, then Daddy, Mommy, and I went to the OT/PT therapy area with a nice woman (and OT) named Jill (she's our neighbor Kami's sister). She tried her best to get me to play... she had a cool swing, big cushy blocks, bikes, and a huge ball... but I wasn't interested. I just wanted to ride in the alligator and take a walk.

We returned to the room for rounds, and Mommy and Daddy found out that the 5% they had mentioned the night before meant that there were 5% blasts (leukemia cells) in my bone marrow. This should have made me very happy, because we were down from 70% a week ago. It sure wasn't making me feel any better to have less of these blasts; in fact, I felt like I needed some more "blasts" to give me energy.

The rest of the afternoon I was in a lot of pain, between my belly and my legs, and Nanna B. came in to spend some time with me. I let her rock me for a while, and she took a little walk with us.

It went downhill quickly after that. I forced Mommy to watch Charlotte's Web some more - it is my comfort movie, after all, and I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Pope and Dr. Hummel both stopped in and said how pale I looked. They were pretty concerned about it, and Dr. Hummel decided to call for another CBC. ARGH, I really need my blood, and they keep taking it away!

We also got some disheartening news from the doctors. What they thought was 5% was really somewhere between 7% and 25%. I'm confused by this, and so are Mommy and Daddy. Dr. Pope said 15%, which bummed Mommy out, then when Dr. Hummel came in, he said 7%. Mommy questioned him on this, and he said, "Oh, that's what Jan told you?" He then went into a big long explanation about the test that they do to count the blasts, putting radiation on them, yada yada yada, and how the counts of the blasts are given in ranges. They thought mine were somewhere between 11 and 25, and he thought that's why Dr. Pope told us 15. For some reason, he kept saying 7, though. Mommy wants Daddy to hear them explain it at rounds tomorrow (since he was at work tonight when the doctors came around), so he's planning on asking. I guess the bottom line is that since they are not 5% or below, I'll need to have another bone marrow test next Tuesday. I'm already dreading that anesthesia stuff.

'Nise came to visit again tonight, and she brought lots of DVDs and homemade waffles. I surprised Mommy by choosing a Diego one. I guess I need to throw her a bone every once in a while, huh? Mommy's hoping the waffles will perk up my appetite in the morning. Though I was still extremely uncomfortable, I let 'Nise rock me, and 'Nise and Mommy noticed a strange rash on the palms of my hands. The doctor on call (Stacey) said they would all watch it over night. What is going on with my body?

Another doctor, Dr. George (I remember him from the ER), came in right before I fell asleep. He looked at me closely, tapped my belly with his fingers, told Mommy that the blood tests came back fine, and said that I might be getting a fever (this could be the cause of the weird looking palms - he said it wasn't a rash, but instead blood vessels). I was just ready to go to sleep, so I'm glad he left. Maybe we'll figure out what's going on tomorrow...


Lindsey said...

Becca & Trisha,

I just wanted to let you know I think of you and your family every day and me and Cooper send a prayer your way each night. Stay strong and everything will turn out just fine. If you ever need anything just let me know.

J said...

Hi Becca
What a great Kitty mask!

I can't wait to come down and see you soon!

Kim and Sean said...

I wish I was closer so that I could come and watch Charlotte's Web with you but unfortunately I cannot. I have called some of my friends in Cincinnati and they said that they would come by if they are not too busy today. I wish that some of the firefighters I work with had your strength and courage. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You should also know that this is the first time I have ever done this blog communication thing so you are very special.