Day 6

I can't believe they let me sleep almost the whole night through, but the wet bed was proof of it. My back itched, and I let Mommy know about my discomfort. She and Daddy seemed a little concerned when they looked at the spot I had indicated. They said the spots in my skin where they took some of my bone marrow and spinal fluid looked infected. All I know is that it really itched!

Shortly after being upright, my tummy rumbled. I told Mommy I wanted PANCAKES (over and over, actually). Unfortunately, it's not like home here... when you want something, you don't get it right away. Foodwise, you need to wait 45 minutes after talking to someone on that big skin-colored phone to get it. This is frustrating to Mommy and Daddy, but moreso, to me!

Poppa arrived for a visit before my pancakes (and French toast sticks), and he was able to see me attack that food with fervor. I ended up with syrup everywhere, but Mommy and Daddy were just happy I was eating. Dr. Wood popped in to let us know that they were at the door for rounds, which she knew I loved.

We stepped into the hallway and listened to the doctors talk about me again. I really do like that part of the day: 1.) it gets me out of the room (I'm getting a little claustrophobic); 2.) they're talking about me (I enjoy hearing my name over and over); 3.) I get lots of smiles and winks from the doctors and nurses; and 4.) Daddy and Mommy get to ask questions about my treatment and get them answered by lots of smart people.

I forgot to mention a few days ago that I found out I am really popular (whatever that means) here at the hospital! All of the nurses are requesting to be on my team. One of them even kept sneaking in when she wasn't assigned to my room to visit with me (you can see the pic of me and Allie above). I guess I'm a pretty good patient...

I'm scheduled for my second Bone Marrow Aspiration (BMA) and lumbar puncture tomorrow morning. I'll receive Methotrexate by intrathecal injection so that the chemo goes directly into my spinal fluid. I wonder if I'll get really mad again; I didn't like the way my head felt after that procedure the last time.

Anyway, the morning went pretty well. Mommy's cousin Stephanie stopped by to visit, bringing a cool princess sticker book and fun twisty crayons, but I felt a little tired (I think it was the morphine). I tried to lie down for a little while, but after some time of just playing around in my crib, Mommy got me up. I ate some snacks, played at my Sponge Bob table, drank some milk, and walked around the room a little (yay!). I could tell that the blood was making me feel better... I had so much more energy.

A little later, I took a good, long nap (of course that's when the physical therapist came by to assess me). I woke up to Ms. Michelle from my school, her pastor, and Mommy looking at me. This is not a fun way to wake up, so unfortunately for them, I was a grump. I loved all of the cards from my friends at school and the puzzle and Colorwonder kit from Ms. Michelle.

Once they left, though, we took a walk to get some milk (I’ve been looking forward to picking it out on my own, as well as getting out of the room) and Daddy returned from his errand-running. He’d needed to go to work for a little while, and he stopped by our house to get a few things, one of which was my favorite food… peanut butter. When I saw the JIF jar, I started chanting “Pea butter, pea butter, pea butter… spoon!”

I saw ‘Nise’s face through the door’s window shortly after that, and she stayed to play and feed me “French fries.” They’re really not French fries, but instead chicken fingers. I now know this… but Mommy still thinks she’s tricking me into eating chicken, so I play along. I actually ate nine of them, so I guess I was pretty hungry. ‘Nise always finds a way to get me to eat.

‘Nise talked Mommy and Daddy into going out for dinner, while she played with me and read to me. When they returned, I actually told them to “Go bye-bye.” Mommy seemed a little shocked, and ‘Nise just smiled. I sure do love her!

It was off to bed with me then, since I had a big morning in store…

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Great Uncle Jon said...


I didn't know you liked peanut butter so much. So do I. What is your favorite way to eat it? It is good with so many things. Peanut butter and jam sandwiches, of course. Peanut butter and mashed banana sandwiches. Peanut butter and sliced tomato sandwiches. Peanut butter on celery with raisins on it (we call that "bugs on a log"). My favorite, though, is peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. YUM!! Writing this has made me hungry. I think I'll go have some peanut butter.

Love, Great Uncle Jon