Day 4

It was a particularly long early morning. They came in to get my vitals starting at about 2:30 this morning, and they proceeded to: give me my anti-nausea medicine (took 15+ minutes); give me morphine (at Mommy's request - took 15+ minutes); change my diaper (twice); and take "labs" (my blood). The whole process ended up lasting about an hour, but luckily, Mommy was up with me to hold my hand and sing to me. Why do they keep needing to change my diaper so much? At home (that place I really miss!), I could go twelve or more hours without a diaper change during the night.

At rounds, the doctors decided to cut my IV fluids in half and to switch my antacid meds from Zantac (twice a day) to Prilosec (once a day). Mommy smiled when they mentioned cutting down my fluids, since she wouldn't have to hurt my legs by changing my diaper as often.

I felt kind of punky all morning, but after a bath (which I hated) and a change into my pretty Dora princess nightgown, I sat up in my bed with my tray table and Cheerios to eat a little. Mommy's friend Cathy (the one with the funny accent) came in before lunch to visit, but I just wanted to lay in my crib. My Great Aunt Sharon was there when I woke up, and Mommy, Cathy, and I (in a stroller thingy) took a walk around the hospital shortly thereafter. It was really fun, but I didn't want to go back in that small room. I was really getting claustrophobic!

We had more fun things waiting for us, though, when we got back in the room. Daddy's friends from work sent a big Vermont teddy bear with six huge balloons tied to his arm, and Mommy's "library friends" sent a really cool bag of goodies for Lily, Mommy, and me. I can't wait to eat some of that chocolate, and anyone who knows me knows how much I adore books. I need to make sure that Mommy thanks everybody for me...

When we got back, though, Aunt Renee was there... it was so nice to see her again. I heard her say that Lily was going to go to a birthday party with Mason and Avery and then spend the night at her house. I wish I could have gone... I LOVE birthday cake, you know. We got a little bad news about my ANC count for the day. It was below 500 (it was 310), so if we wanted to go out of the room, I would have to wear a mask. Mommy told me this, and I screamed an emphatic, "NO!"

Cathy got me McDonald's for dinner. Boy, it's nice to say what you want and have someone run to get it! I think they're all just happy when I eat, though. I thought I wanted a chocolate shake, but when Mommy offered it, I turned her down. Poor Mommy... she's really struggling with my mood swings. 'Nise stopped in right before bedtime, bringing me some more jammies that she altered so that they snap down the right side, and swiping some that I had here so that she can sew them. She sure loves me, and I love her right back!

Mommy tucked me in, and Mommy, Cathy, and 'Nise gave me hugs and kisses. I fell asleep listening to their chatter...

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