Day 1

I woke up pretty happy today, since I knew Lily would be coming to spend part of the day with me. Poppa stopped in for a little while, and he brought a blow-up mattress for Daddy and Mommy to sleep on (they were very excited about this for some reason).

Lily and Nana showed up mid-morning, and we went to the play room together. We made some crafts together, played in the kitchen, played with the balls, and Lily made a suncatcher thing with something like aquadots in a fancy machine. Mommy kept making me try to share with Lily, which is normal. After playing for a little while, Mommy made us go back to the room to eat. Lily and I didn't really eat very much; I had some tater tots, and Lily had chocolate milk.

We took a nap... me in my crib, and Lily on that fancy blow-up mattress. Nana stayed with us while Mommy ran home for a few minutes to get some things. When I woke up, I got really mad because that mean nurse was fooling around with the hugging thing again, and Mommy wasn't here. I started hitting Nana and screaming. I don't understand why I can't control my temper right now, but I think it has something to do with the steroids they have me on. I do remember the doctor telling Mommy and Daddy that I would have mood swings with the Dexamethasone, but I like swings, and this swing wasn't so fun.

When Lily woke up, though, she threw up her chocolate milk all over my floor! Mommy thought it was just nerves about me being in the hospital, but she ended up throwing up two more times that day. Nana took her home to our house (lucky girl!) so that she could sleep in her own bed. I sure miss our house! I keep telling Mommy that I want to go to her house, but she just isn't listening.

Mommy and Daddy gave me a bath, which I didn't really like, and I threw a hitting fit on the way back. I opened a bag of fun things from Nancy (this really nice lady Mommy works with at the library) and Ms. Kelly (a parent volunteer that works with Mommy). I hugged the chipmunk Webkinz for most of the evening, and I absolutely LOVED the princess fruit snacks. As a matter of fact, I had three bags of them, and totally melted down when Daddy and Mommy wouldn't give me a fourth bag. I decided I would show them... I didn't eat anything else the rest of the night, and I yelled at them on and off until right before bedtime.

After cuddling and rocking with Mommy for a little while (and Mommy accidentally squirting my dose of Zantac in my eye), both Mommy and Daddy tucked me in. I looked at them and said, "Sorry, Mommy... sorry, Daddy." I wasn't really trying to be so mean all day! Those darn steroids were making me do it. Daddy and Mommy must have accepted my apology, because they got tears in their eyes and said, "There's no reason for you to be sorry, Becca Boo." I love it when they call me that...

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