Day 10 - Halloween

Daddy and Mommy were still gone when I woke up this morning, but at least Nana was with me. She had her coffee, and I had my waffle with peanut butter. The morning was the same old drill... rocking and watching Charlotte's Web. By the time Mommy got to the hospital, Nana looked pretty exhausted. Worrying about me must have zapped her energy.
We tried to take a ride but ended up walking back and forth in our own hallway. The doctors (lots of them) were in the way doing their rounds, and Mommy didn't want to miss rounds at our door, so Mommy pushed me in a wheelchair while Nana pushed my IV pole. I was just happy to be out of our small room.
Nothing really of interest during rounds, except that they think I might have some kind of virus. I guess it would be a big deal if I do have one, though. I can't fight off infections like everyone else. The things the doctors mentioned that they are concerned about:
1. my eyes (maybe conjunctivitis, that's why they've been giving me horrible drops since last night),
2. the rash on my hands (still aren't sure what's going on with this, but they say it's faded),
3. the spot on my back where the first BMA was taken (is not healing, and is bugging me a lot), 4. my bowels (went from constipation to explosive diarrhea).
The doctors decided to do a "culture" with one of my stool samples, and we will not be able to be out of our room until the results come back (24-48 hours). Ugh. Good thing they waited to order the culture until after the Halloween party.
Nana left, Nanna B. and Daddy showed up, and we got ready for the party. Donned in my Tinkerbell costume, I was ready to show those other kids how to get down. Well... not exactly. I was actually just ready to fall asleep right before we left the room, so I was a grump to everyone I saw. Good thing I was wearing a mask; otherwise, all of those people who thought I was so cute would have seen the scowl on my face.
I took a short nap after Nanna B. and Daddy left, and Dr. Hummel must've stopped by to talk with Mommy while I was sleeping. I overheard her paraphrasing what he said to someone on the phone: "concerned about this funkiness she's feeling... not sure if it's a virus... really aggressive with treatments during induction... when kids respond well, we send them home before the three weeks... might be a month or longer before you go home... just want to prepare you... stay in room if it's a virus or there's a fever..."
I'm going to go stir crazy!
I ate a decent dinner and didn't want to play, but at least I let Mommy watch Tinkerbell with me twice. I did start watching Charlotte's Web one more time, but then I suddenly asked Mommy to put me to bed around 7pm. She looked at me like I was crazy, but then she did it. Around 9:30, I asked her to turn on my music, and I passed out for the night listening to my lullaby CD.


Emily said...

Hey Becca! What a beautiful Tinkerbell you are! I'm sorry you've been feeling so crummy. I miss you, Lily and your mom and dad. Hang in there and get better soon! Anja is excited to play with you and your sister at camp! Love, Emily

angel said...


I've been watching over you and know you and those that love you are going through some tough times right now. You probably don't even know what a "Guardian Angel" is! Below are some thoughts that might help explain that so many people love you and are watching out for all of you. Remember, when you hug that "special pig" real tight, you can let go of your worries and fears and let me carry them for a while...

There are those times that come along,
When things just don't go right,
When fairness seems to slip away,
And wrong things fill our sight.

Sometimes it's hard for us to see,
Beyond the hurt we feel.
It's hard to see the blessings too,
And know that they are real.

Because the heavy loads you have
Weigh more at times like these,
I ask if I may carry too,
And offer with a "Please"

I want to make a difference though,
To bring a smile this day,
And maybe if by writing this,
A smile will come your way.

So hold your chin up strong and proud,
Cause it's the thing to do,
And know that I'll be standing near,
Because I'm watching over you.