Day 0

Our day started bright and swirly this morning! Mommy thought she would wake up as she normally does in the five o'clock hour so that she could get a shower, but she was wrong. She woke up at 6:30, and they were talking about coming to get me for the procedures at 6:45. When she and Daddy came over to my bed, they noticed that there were a couple of pools of fluid from my IV on the sheet. The nurse (who has the same first name as Nana) freaked out and started blaming me, saying that I moved around too much and pulled out the IV.

When she left the room to get help, Mommy told Daddy that she had done something similar around two that morning (I don't remember, because I was really sleepy). She told Daddy that she had paged the nurse's station when my IV was beeping and saying "occlusion downstream." The nurse came in, punched a couple of buttons, and was ready to leave, when Mommy said something to her. The nurse jumped and told her that she was worried that the IV wasn't flowing properly, and that she'd have to get the team over to poke me again. Mommy asked her to try to flush it again (she knows how much I hate to get poked), and she held my hand, sang to me, and counted with me while the nurse did what she needed to do. The nurse liked Mommy's singing and counting, too (smart lady), and thanked Mommy for helping to calm me.

Daddy and Mommy were a little worried about the competence of this nurse, and as they were talking, two other nurses came in - the charge nurse and another one. They were great! They fixed me right up and assured Mommy and Daddy that my procedure could still be done. Whew... we all wanted to move on with my treatment so that we could go home!

Mommy and I got to ride in a wheelchair again when we went to OR25, Mommy and Daddy answered lots of questions (again), then we went into a room where lots of people were wearing paper gowns and masks. Mommy held me for a few minutes in that room, and then everything went foggy until I woke up in the recovery room. Mommy was stroking my hand, Daddy was rubbing my leg, and two other nurses were looking at me as my eyes popped open. My head felt really funny, and I was having trouble holding it up. On the way back to our room, I started to get really angry and frustrated, and I began hitting Mommy. I knew she didn't do anything wrong, but I didn't know how to react to all of the new feelings I was experiencing.

It was nice to see Nana and Papa when we got back to the room. I saw Papa's eyes get pretty red, and I heard Daddy tell them both that the procedures went really well and we would hopefully hear something later in the day. We rocked and played for a few minutes, then the nurse rubbed some cream on my arms where she had drawn smiley faces the night before. She put tape over the cream, and my arms began to tingle a little.

Mommy and I took another trip in the wheelchair (man, that's the way to ride!) to go get my PICC line put in my arm. Everyone kept saying how it would be much better with a PICC line, and all I knew was that if I could get rid of the IV in my hand, I would be happy. Mommy and Daddy had to wear funny hats and masks, as well as lead gowns. Everyone kept telling me what a great job I was doing, while Mommy, Daddy, and the nice lady from Child Life tried to distract me from what they were doing to my arm. I got a cute bunny (and a kitty for Lily), and I picked the color purple for the bandage that wrapped around my PICC line.

After lunch and a nap, Lily and Nana came to visit. I had sure missed my big sister! She brought me some pictures that she colored by herself, as well as a big poster from my friends at Kids R Kids. Mommy and Daddy thought it was funny when Lily started limping like me. She said her leg hurt, but when Daddy told her he would give her a surprise if she could run over and get something for him within five seconds, she did it with two seconds to spare. I don't blame her for developing the limp, though, I have been getting lots of attention...

We played in the Child Life Activity Center together until dinner, and then Nanna B. and 'Nise came by around dinner time. I loved the nightgown, jammies, and socks that 'Nise brought, and I couldn't wait to wear them. The nurse gave Mommy three medicines for me to take: Zantac, Allopurinol, and Dexamethasone. She said I would be getting these two times a day. I didn't mind the pink stuff, but the other two tasted nasty.

Poppa stopped in to visit and drop off a blow-up mattress for Mommy and Daddy to sleep on (they were SO thankful). I started fading fast after all of the activity, though, and I went to bed around 8pm that night.

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